My Darling [Chalastor]

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Bonus Chapter: Daughter

A couple of years later.

Monday afternoon, and I was waiting for my beautiful daughter to come back from school. She had told me a lot of funny and weirdly satisfying activities they told her to do, which I’m excited to hear.

Elizabeth busted through the window, doing a summer salt before landing on her feet. She smiled and threw her bag close to the door. She hopped her way up to me and kissed me on the cheek.

“Good afternoon, dad!” She exclaimed. She hopped into the kitchen a took out a red apple and smacked the shit out of it to clean it. She then sat in the chair, legs on the table, munching on the apple.

“How was your day, sweetie?” I asked her, sitting on top of the table. She did the same thing, sit on the table. We had a staring contest for quite some time before I broke.

“Yes! I win a donut!” She said, making the two goats appear. I roll my eyes playfully and jump off the table. I grabbed the keys to the car and opened the door, making my daughter and the two mischiefs come out as well.

“It’s was a great dad! I had a lot of fun learning how to get away with murder!” She smiled, sliding into the car. The other two roughly pushed each other into the car, as usual, with me being the last to get in.

“I’m glad they’re teaching you what I had to learn on my own. Later, I’ll teach you how to use your powers!” I say with enthusiasm. She jolted up from the joy and continued to squeal. Charlie told me she was working at the hotel so, after the donuts, I said to her we would stop by and help in any way we can.

Getting a baker’s dozen at the donuts shop was very hard since there was a ton of demons waiting in line. After successfully getting the box of donuts, we headed our way to the Hazbin hotel. The parking was so full that we had to park a block away from the hotel. Elizabeth started to run, making me follow behind. We raced to the hotel, and whoever won had to buy the other person a new staff. Happily, I used my powers of teleportation and won.

“Well, sweetie, better luck next time!” She breathes heavily but nods her head to rush through the doors. I snicker at her actions and walk-in. I enter the hotel and just smile at the entrance. Many demons were sitting in the waiting area, just anxious to get their rooms; meanwhile other demons were in the gift shop, shopping, or just waiting for the time to pass.

“It’s Wednesday, my dudes... AHHHHHHH!” I heard someone say. Everyone started to laugh, and I didn’t get why. My daughter approached me with a laughable face on. She sighed and explained to me what a ”meme" was. I was then dragged up to the front counter, to encounter my lovable wife working her ass off.

“Hey beautiful, can I get your number?” I asked her in a different tone of voice. She started mumbling such weird things to herself that I didn’t understand.

“Sorry, sir, I’m taken—oh, hi, honey!” She said before laying a kiss on my cheek. I smiled and got behind the counter, only to hear another person yell:

“F in the chat demons, f in the chat...” I furrowed my eyebrows. Meanwhile, my wife chuckled and continued to clean the desk and re-arrange the room key cards. I shrug and help her out.

“Hey Liz, how was your day?” Charlie said, sliding some cocaine into the stand next to her. Elizabeth approached both of us and sat on the counter. “It was a great mother! I accidentally killed my teacher but, we don’t talk about that.” Elizabeth said, amused as she threw her head back and pushed her legs up in the air, showing her ass.

I growl and become my Radio Demon form. I rushed to the front of the desk and pushed my daughter’s legs down, making her look at me. She gulped and looked terrified.

”Never do that in public, understood?” I said, very determined. She just nodded and immediately got down from the counter to rush over to an available chair. I groan from the situation letting my emotions get the best of me.

I keep forgetting I’m the radio demon.

I made my way to my daughter and sat next to her. I started telling her I was sorry for yelling in front of so many demons, which she gladly understood. We hugged it out, and that’s when the doors opened wildly. The queen and King walked as nothing had happened. Elizabeth was confused at first but then realized it was the queen and immediately got up to bow. I didn’t do it because, I knew they hated me. The queen passed us and walked over to the counter where she met up with her daughter. The King slowly came behind.

“Mom, dad! What are you doing here?” Charlie asked, scratching the back of her head with confusion. Elizabeth and I walked over to the staff room and hid inside before they noticed us.

“Dad, why can’t we be with mom?” Elizabeth asked me. She made me look deep into her soul. I didn’t want to admit that the fact is: I don’t want to see them. She then gave me puppy dog eyes and, if I refused, she would throw fire out of her mouth or threaten me with a pocket knife.

“That’s your grandparents’ sweetie. You’re not ready to meet them just yet—”

“HOLY COW! My grandparents are the King and queen of hell?! that’s AMAZING! —”

“Once you get to know them...” I cleared my throat. “They aren’t that amazing.” I finalized our argument. Elizabeth was very anxious and wanted to meet them. I wanted to wait a little while longer, maybe two more years, but I guess the time has come. I sighed and opened the door for my daughter to walk out in her ripped black jeans, tilted white and red crop-top with a big letter saying ‘HELL,’ her hair up in a ponytail and her black high tops.

“Elizabeth! Come say hi to your grandparents...” Charlie said, very unsure. I walked out and slumped on the side of the door. I watched how the Queen didn’t even batch an eye for my daughter. Elizabeth’s eyes saddened, and her smile became a frown. The King got down a little and analyzed her, not saying a word as Charlie continued talking with her mother.

“Lucifer...” I say with an unpleasant tone. He turned around and scoffed me off.

“Alastor...” He responded with the same attitude. “Why are you here, anyway?” Charlie asked as she signaled Elizabeth to come where I was. She was only sixteen years old, and even so, she felt terrible, her grandparents didn’t acknowledge her.

“Want to go kill rabbits at the park?” I asked her, which made her frown become a smile again. She nodded once before she Naruto ran out the front doors. Yes, I watched Naruto with my daughter bug deal!

Charlie, Elizabeth and I were having dinner at the best restaurant in town. Charlie was talking and talking about her parents only coming over earlier to see how she was, instead of asking how her family was. How they wanted to have dinner with Charlie but, she refused to go with them because she would always choose us first. I just smiled as she munched down on her food and how she explained everything in such detail. Elizabeth had finished her T-bone and still wanted more food. Then, mom alert, Charlie comes into the scene to correct our daughter on how to eat at the table.

“I’m glad I get to spend the rest of my life spam in hell, with my two favorite girls. I love you.” I said as I split a part of the dead juice rabbit on my plate. The two girls stopped what they were doing to look at me. “I love you too, dad!” Elizabeth said with a smile. We continued to have dinner, as ‘normal demons’ before the waitress brought us dessert: ‘Mountain Cockroach.’

The evening sadly had to end with my two exhausted girls. They hopped in the car, slept in the back meanwhile I turned on the music and just hummed along. It was the best night ever because it was showering with stars in the red night sky.

I’m happy where I’m at right now.

I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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