My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 3: Information Required

Isn’t life a good kick in the ass? Now and then, you feel free and relieved; other times, you feel trapped and weak.

I woke up from my deep sleep to find myself in the bar from last night’s events. My antlers arose as my ears twitched. I widen my eyes and notice that no one was at the bar, not even Husk.

I stretch before getting up from the stool when suddenly, the bartender comes around the corner and looks at me with a grin.

“Angel Dust came around sometime in the wee of the morning and saw you passed out on the counter. He told me to give you this when you woke up,” The bartender said to me as he handed me a letter.

“Why thank you, kind sir!” I told him with a grin appearing on my mouth. I gently open the letter and find a poorly written letter. The letter was oddly weird, but the message was waiting to be read.

Heyy Alastor~ Just wanted to tell you that you can swing on by if you want to ;) Anyways, here is the address. Hope to see you soon, pal~

-Love, Angel Dust

I began to laugh nervously. I jumped off the stool and walked up to the doors. The doors opened with a flush of wind. I turn around and smile at the bartender.

“Have a wonderful day, good sir!” I waved goodbye at him and left the bar.

As I walked down the streets trying to locate my demon friend’s house, I noticed a marked kiss on the letter. It sends shivers down my spine.

Moments later, I teleported to the front door and knocked on it twice. He yelled at me to come on in, and that made me queasy. I then begin to open the door.

“Why did you tell me to come over—” I was interrupted by Dust looking at me, upside down, while he was twisted on the pole. I blush red of embarrassment and quickly closed my eyes.

“Welcome~” Dust cooed at me. I surprisingly opened my eyes and looked him with a glare. My mouth began to creep a grin as I walked closer to him slightly.

Do you want to play a game, Dusty?” I became walking closer to him; meanwhile my radio dials speeded. Angel Dust smirked and twisted himself, where he was now looking at me usually.

“What kind of game do you speak of?” Dust asked me. I didn’t respond; instead, I placed my index finger on his lips and lowered my face.

“One you will not resist~” I cooed at him, before removing my index finger from his lips. My grin grew five times larger then it already does. I tilted my head a little, and the flames from behind me speared all around the room, making my minions come out of the fire.

The minions started scattering every single crevice in the room. Dust stood up and looked around the room. As he did so, I gently used only two fingers and grabbed his chin.

I turned his face around to look at me. Our eyes met, and a grin was ten times bigger than usual.

I need Intel on Charlotte Magne to become king...

Cover your eyes with this” With my free hand; I make a type of cloth to cover his eyes with. He smirked at me and covered his eyes. He jumped onto the pole and waited for the game.

I whistled one of my minions to come here and turn it into me. As the transformation was happening, I walked into his office/bedroom and started scattering around.

“Oh, Alastor. You kinky son of a bitch!” I heard Dust yell. I rolled my eyes and continued to search. I found a document that said:

King and Queen,” I smirked at the document and put it I my tux. I walked out of his bedroom, and by the time I was in the living room, where Dust was, I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

I felt my insides scrambled up, making the liquor I had come up my throat and almost t my mouth. I then, without hesitation, swallow my old, nasty, ass liquor. I then burped and grabbed some plain and pure water from the fridge.

Do you want more, Dusty~?” The fake Alastor said to Dust. I couldn’t take this anymore. I de transformed the false me back into the minion form. I approached Dust and snapped my fingers, making my minion disappear.

“You may now open your eyes,” I say to him, making him take off his blindfold. He looked around before laying his eyes on me.

“You slut!” He told me before kicking me out of his house. Before he shut the door, he winked at me, making me feel very uncomfortable. I shrugged it off and teleported to my apartment.

It was around four in the afternoon in hell, and I decided to head to the hotel to start my shift. On my way over there, I noticed Husk and his gal pal walking down the street. I snickered when I passed by them, making Husk see.

I approached the hotel and bumped into Charlie. She smiled at me and then I smiled at her. I rushed to the door and swung it open so she could go through, making me follow her. We walked side-by-side up the counter where she spoke.

“All right. Since it’s your first day, follow me!” She said with excitement. She made hand gestures, so I would follow her, making me chuckle at her attitude.

“Sweetheart, I can’t believe this hotel... It’s It’s fantastic!” I grinned when I stated. She laughed twice before smiling at me, making me do the same. We were walking up the stairs when her walkie-talkie started buzzing. She stopped for a minute and replied to the walkie-talkie.

“Whats up Vaggie?” She asked her, still with a joyful attitude. Vaggie didn’t respond; instead it was Dust. I scratch the back of my head and never lowered my grin.

“You see, sweetie, Vaggie over here is a bitch—” Dust replies before the buzzing noises came back in, making Charlie’s eyes roll. I chuckle, and we continue to go up the stairs.

We walked down the first hallway, and the walkie-talkie started buzzing once again. I could hear Charlie’s frustration, making me grab the walkie-talkie and respond to both of them. My radio dials began functioning, and my flames started spreading, sending shivers down Charlie’s spine.

All right, listen up, you fellow demons! Charlie and I have some business to attend. Now would you shut your pie holes and get back to work?” I said, with a radio like voice. My flames started to grow, making Charlie scared. I sighed and let the frustration out. My flames went down, and the dials went away. I handed her the walkie-talkie, and she expressed a white, blank stare.

“Heeey Alastor~” Dust cooed into the walkie-talkie, making Charlie uncomfortable. I growled underneath my breath and continue to walk forward, leaving Charlie behind me.

We approach a door, a guest door, and she knocked on it twice. We backed away from the door and waited. Moments later, the door swung open to reveal Dust in a seductive outfit.

“Heeey Alastor~ do you like what you—” Charlie immediately slammed the door right in his face, not giving him the chance to talk. My eyes widen as a rain of thought entered my mind:

I should have thought about the things my minion could do to Dust he thinks I’m into him. Oh, dear satan.

The walkie-talkie started to buzz again, leaving Charlie to jump from the sudden buzz. She leans up against the door and picks up the walkie-talkie.

“Hey, sorry to bother you again, but..have you seen Angel Dust? I can’t find him,” Vaggie said to Charlie, making her face continue the same as it was before: in shock.

“Y-Yeah, we found h-him alright..” Charlie manages to say before walking away from the door. The door swung open once again with a devastating Angel Dust. He blew his bangs to the side and leaned up against the hands of the door.

“What was the for Charlie?! Damn women! I was trying to do something—” I slammed the door in his face and grabbed Charlie by the arm. She looked up at me, and I looked down on her.

“Let’s go somewhere else, my darling” I pulled her away from the door and into my arms. We walked down the halls, quickly, so we could get away from Dust as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we fast-walked; I held Charlie close to me. Her hand was on my chest, and her body was facing me but walking forward. I would feel her hiccup now and then, making me come closer to the water fountain.

“Drink without breathing, my darling. You will feel much better!” I said with a grin appearing on my face. She nodded with seriousness and went up to it. She started to drink-making me want to swing her hips and press my lips against hers.

As she was drinking, I decided to scare her so the hiccups would go away. I approached behind her and laid my finger on her, making her scream in my ear.

“Ahh!” She yelled with fright. I chuckled, and she panted. She then pushed me to the side and stomped her way out of the first floor, making me grab her hand as turning her around.

“Did I scare you, my darling?” I asked her without me looking away from her. Se gave an angry face while looking at me.

“Of course you did! You big demon!” She yelled at me to only realize she didn’t have the hiccups anymore. She then smiled and backed away from me. She twirled once and jumped in the air.

“Heeey Alastor~” We heard a familiar voice approach us. We turn around and see Dust coming our way. I look at Charlie, and she looks at me. We both nod and rush towards the stairs to run to the highest floor there was.

My poor, poor darling is going to suffer the consequences...


Chapter 4: Magics and Tradgics

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