My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 4: Magics and Tragics pt.1

My smile grew into a grin as I watched how Charlie panted. She placed her hand on the wall from the highest floor and crouched wit her legs spread. On the other hand, I gasped once or twice before clearing my throat.

“My darling, do you want to get a drink with me later this afternoon?” I asked her, reaching for her hand to straighten her up. She grabs it without hesitation and straightens her back. He back cracks, making oddly satisfying noises come out of her mouth.

“Woohoo! That was fun!” She jumped with her legs in the air, screaming like she doesn’t care. As I was going to reply, someone on the highest floor opened one of the doors.

“You crazy teenagers, leave us the fuck alone! We are trying to get some fucking beauty sleep!” The senior demon said as she slammed the door. I couldn’t help but chuckle from the situation. We decided to head back downstairs so I could continue with my job here at the hotel.

“Oh, and about your question...I would love to!” She exclaimed, giving me a twirl. My smile became a smirk, making her give a confused look.

We walked down a flight of stairs before making our way to the lobby. She guided me to my workspace and gave me a whole lot of rules and explanations. I growled at the amount of work and decided to shut her up for a while.

I twirl my staff and point it at her, making some red slimy magic come out and hit her on her mouth. Her mouth was now officially gone, making her freak out.

She started getting angry at me with her face and her body language, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the scenario. Moments passed, and she gave up. She opens the door and left me without undoing what I had done.

I get up quickly and try to find her. I called her on the walkie-talkie, but of course, she can’t answer. I turned into my demon form by accident, making everyone in the hotel run away. They ran through the doors like there was no tomorrow. I sighed and turned back into my form.

I sat down on one of the waiting chairs and made myself a shot of whiskey, on the rocks, with the cooler next to me. Suddenly, Vaggie approaches me.

“Undo what you did to Charlie!” She exclaimed at me.

"Hijo de puta.." She whispered enough where I could hear her. I chuckled and assigned her next to me to sit down. As she did, I prepared her a glass of red wine. I pass it to her, but she refuses.

“Come one dearest, have a sip!” I said, very vigorous. She growled and took it from my hand, only to chug it down.

How come everyone here chugs down so many drinks? Including me!


Charlie huh?

The only way I can defeat King Satan is by getting with his daughter...


“Hey! Strawberry pimp! Wake the fuck up- Hijo de perra maldito..” She grabbed my attention.

What does she mean by those words exactly...

I ignore her and shake my head, regaining consciousness. I cleared my throat as pointed my staff at Charlie to undo what I did.

She breathed out happily. As she twirled, her eyes were on me. She gave me an angry face and ”hmph" and left the scene.

“My darling, would you like a glass of red wine?” I asked Charlie as I poured her glass. She refused to have a sip even after I told her nicely. Tough...

"Darling...your friend Vaggie is having a drink with me, why don’t you want one too? Even if you hate me, spare her, no?” I told her about making her growl loudly. She came closer and grabbed the glass of wine, and sat down next to her girlfriend, Vaggie.

After a few minutes of silence, I decided to get up and leave them alone. I smiled at both and started to go when I felt my arm shake. I look down at it and felt my eyes getting more substantial.


Am I losing balance this quick?

I can’t let them know what has been happening with me for the past few years...

“Well, my darlings, I have to flee! Have a wonderful evening!” I stutter from the pain. They furrow their eyebrows, but let me go. I smiled at them and walked out the doors with a tired face.

"Teleport apartment, "I say to my staff, making it turn a red-ish yellow color and teleported me to my apartment. I widen my eyes as I see myself falling over. I face planting the floor, making my staff roll over and hit the corner of the door.

Damn it...

I raised my body and tried to crawl over to my sink for some pills. I then decided to relax but fail at attempting. I lay on the floor, unable to move a single limb. I ache in pain, but I roll had my grin. I realized that my staff was on the other side of the room.

“Sumbomno hunichi,” I say as my staff levitates. I face plant once again and wait for my minion to arrive through the portal. As they came through, I told them in a language that no one understands.

“Humnipa girdls hamaniwa fiuckrls” I told them, and they got to work. I relaxed on the floor. Meanwhile, they rolled me over so I would be on my back, and started to fix me up.

I woke up from my two-hour nap and decided to go back to the hotel. On my to the hotel, I noticed the King and Queen walking into the hotel. My smile became a huge grin as I walked with confidence.

Meanwhile, I walked into the hotel; I ignored anyone who wanted to speak with me as I head to my new office. I then saw in the corner of my eye, the King and Queen talking with her daughter at the counter.

I smirk and chuckle before entering the room and closing it shut. I lower my hand slowly down the door, making me overthink my plan. I breathe in and breathe out, trying not to have a heart attack.

“Radio demon! It’s me, Husk!” He opens the door and comes towards me. I close the door, and he sits on the desk. I threw my head back and tried to relax.

“What’s wrong, man? You seem fucking upset -burps- about something...Is there any liquor around here?” Husk says to me as he looked around the room. He encountered the mini-fridge and started to chug all the little liquor she could find.

“I’m just..exhausted, you know?” I said to him without even realizing he was passing out. I got up from my chair and walked out the door to find some water to cool down.

As I walked down the lobby, I notice my vision was getting blurrier and blurrier, but that didn’t stop me from getting a glass of water. I continue to walk when I accidentally bump into a person with a kind of yellowness attached to the person.

“Oh, my apologies kind sir, I didn’t see you there—” I looked straight into Satan’s eyes and made a grin appear on my face.



To be continued

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