My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chpater 5: Magics and Tragics pt.2

“How are you, young king?” I ask him without letting my grin get softer. I gave him my radio dials and my low flames.

“I’m fine, and yourself?” He asked me with no emotion on his face. We said nothing else for a moment, and just a moment. I walk closer, and he steps closer, never taking our eyes off from each other until the Queen interferes.

“Alastor,” she said determinedly.

“Lilith,” I said with a massive grin on my face. I bow down to her and grab her hand. She immediately flicked it away from my grasp and walked away with the king. I sighed and noticed Charlie watching us.

My grin turned into a confused mouth expression when she looked sad about something.

Why would she be sad?

I can’t make her sad...

I need to make her happy.

Happy enough where she will marry me...

I made my way to her at the front counter and admired her gold locks. She backed away from the table and looked at me with a surprised look on her face.

“Your the person I was warned about..the person who is the most intimidating demon in hell! It’s y-you! Your—” I cut her off by placing my index finger on her lips. She gave me a death glare, making me ignore her. I slowly took my hand away and spoke to her.

“If you’re wondering yes, I am the Radio Demon,” I say to her with a slight smile, trying to let her see the right side of me. She shakes her head to the front, along with her hands. She blinked once or twice before running upstairs in fear.

“My darling, wait!” I yell for her, not receiving a response. I watch her as she runs up the stairs and turns to the corner. I lose her from my sight, and I sigh, leaning up against the counter, looking down at my feet. I couldn’t help but notice Vaggie and Dust in the distance.

To be continued walked up to them to my surprise, they were almost getting along?... I shrug it off and gently tapped on Vaggie’s arm. She turned around with a glass of water with lemons inside of it. She rolls her eyes and stands in a pose of ”what the fuck do you want?”

“Charlie knows I’m the Radio Demon. I don’t know what to do about it, would you mind helping me?” I ask them nicely and formally. They shake their head to the sides and ignore me.

“I have done nothing wrong! Spare me this once, my dear,” I tell her, lowering my voice a slight bit. My grin grew higher and higher, giving her the chance to laugh. She growls and turns around to face me.

“Fine. I’ll go talk to Charlie, and you stay here with Dust got it?” She said, giving me her glass as she walks upstairs. Dust smirked at me, giving me the sensation of vomiting. I couldn’t keep lying to him, so I had to tell him the truth.

“Before you get any ideas, I wasn’t the one who played with you the other day. Understand?” I said to him with seriousness while he gives me laughter. I rolled my eyes and drank a glass of water with lemons inside of it. I chugged it down and slammed it on the bar table, making a scene.

“What do you mean, it wasn’t you? You’re the only Alastor here! Don’t lie to me you sack of titties!” He exclaimed at home, as he put his hands all over me. I blush in embarrassment and gently smile. I used my magic to push him off me, surprisingly it worked.

“Want me to show you a magic trick?” then you’ll get one!” I said to him cockily and made a version of me with the help of one of my minions. His eyes widen, and his smile grew bigger.

“So... can I borrow one of these? They will make great sex toys—”

“You filthy demon!” I say to him with Disgusted and missed pleading. He gave me some sexy poses until I agreed to give him one. I rolled my eyes and gave him a fucking minion to play with all he wants. He ran away with him into an available room, and I waited for Charlie...

I have to make her mine.

I will become the prince and soon the king!

I need to focus as concentrate...


Time flies got to hurry up.


Chapter 5: Pictures Cause Trouble

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