My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 6: Pictures Cause Trouble pt.1

As Dust and I waited for Charlie and Vaggie, I decided to go eavesdrop on their conversation. I left Dust with some shots of liquor with a hint of bloody Mary in them and walked up the stairs.

When I began to hear two girls taking and slightly yelling, I knew it was them. I place my head close to the door and try to understand their conversation:

“You knew he was the Radio Demon, and you didn’t tell me?! Vaggie!” Charlie exclaimed at her. Vaggie gave multiple annoying sounds and danced around the room. I keep my eye in and observe:

“I’m sorry, Charlie! I wanted you to find out without—”

“That’s no excuse! You know my parents hate him, and if my parents find out that I am even in the same room as him, they’ll kill me!” Charlie exclaimed. My grin grew larger and larger, ear-to-ear.

“Look, I understand, alright? But I couldn’t just spell it out for you! Your parents have told you many stories about him, and they INCLUDED pictures of him!” She exclaimed as she rose her voice. Charlie hmph and turned around.

“Now, since you’re buddies with him, I suggest you stop being. For your sake AND the king and queen’s sake,” Vaggie said, approaching the door. I backed away and used my power and energy to teleport away.

I was now in the corner of the bar inside the Hotel, making me walk out and come closer to Dust. His eyes were looking around while he drinks another shot of liquor.

Everyone here in Hell is either a drug addict or an alcoholic.

Well, I can’t judge. I drink a lot in my free time...

I walked up to Dust, with a smile forming into a grin when in the corner of my eye, I saw Charlie and Vaggie walk downstairs. I ignored them both and focused on Dust. He smiled and started to pet, my minion. I shrug the cringe away and see Charlie looking into my soul.

“We need to talk. Meet me at five o’clock in the huge tower. Be sharp!” Exclaimed before heading back to her counter t helps me, customers. I roll my eyes and look down at Vaggie. I grin at her giving me rolling eyes.

“We aren’t friends, and we will never be. You got that?!.. Hijo de perra.." Vaggie said as she trails off. She grabbed Dust’s hand and pulled him out of the Hotel. I looked at everyone at the bar and a slight smile, as I bowed before leaving.

I was walking up to the enormous tower to wait for Charlie to arrive when my staff shook to the sides. I leaned up against the wall and waited. I closed my eyes for a second before feeling a presence next to me. I open my eyes and look down at Charlie. I smile at her while receiving a smack across the face.

“I should have known it was you” She gave a death glare. She ignored me and started walking up to the top of the tower. I chuckled as she went up the stairs; meanwhile, I teleported to the top and waited for her at the door.

Meanwhile, I waited for her arrival; I started to wonder off:

How will I make her mine if she is going to cut this “relationship” off?

I need to think of something, as quick! I’m running out of time...

I check my wrist to check my heart rate; it was over the normal. I grunted when all of a sudden, the door behind me started to creek open. I turned around and blew out a sigh as I saw her angry face march towards me.

“My darling, what is tingling your fancies!” I say without knowing what she was about to tell me. She approaches as lays her index finger on the chest and pushes me back as she speaks:

“Don’t you darling me! You’re the fucking Radio Demon! And the worst part is, I didn’t notice it before...” She trails off, backing her finger away from my chest.

So her soft spot has emotions, huh?

This might easier then I thought it was going to be...

“My darling, come here,” I say to her, placing my staff to the side as I open my arms for her. She gives me a pitiful face and ignores my arms and leans on the rail next to me. I growl underneath my breath before turning around.

We both looked what Hell had to offer. It was a beautiful red sky and dusty yellow clouds surrounding all the areas. I look over at Charlie and couldn’t help but smile as I admired her beauty. Her tired eyes, her drippings lips, her small pupils, her messed up hair made me want to be with her even more.

“I hate the fact that I have to stop being friends with you..” She said with a quacky voice. We locked eyes for a moment, a slight moment before hearing the sound of screeching music and a quick flash.

“My darling, I’ll be right back” I gave her an ear to ear grin and grabbed my staff. My radio demon form arose from the flames and hatred inside me.

I teleport down to the ground where I could track anyone. I scan my vision across the streets until identifying the culprit. I focus and teleport to his location, grab his hex, and choke him. He struggled until I made him speak:

Show me now...” I tell him with a grin appearing on my face. He pouts his eyes and shows me the picture of Charlie and me. I laugh evilly, making him freak out.

Set it public,” I demanded him to do what I pleaded. He did and ran away. I tightened my suite and moved my bow tie to the sides to make it evenly clean. I turned around and made my way back to Charlie a the tower.

To be continued

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