My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 7: Pictures Cause Trouble pt.2

Slowly but surely, my form drifted away, and my radio dials became pupils. My sclera became red, and my nails went to there standard form, short. I arranged my medical in place and placed one of my free hands-on my staff.

On my way to the tower, when I bumped into Katie Killjoy. She wore her usual clothes: a red dress with a pearl necklace. She jumped at my presence, but then surely smiled at me without hesitation.

“Why hello mister Radio Demon, you gave me a slight scare!” She said, giving me her hand to shake on it; instead, I kissed her hand and smiled at her evilly. She was flattered by the kiss that she picked my chin up with her index finger.

“Good afternoon my dearest, would you excuse me? I have something to attend—”

“Alastor, I wanted to talk about your relationship with Charlotte Magne,” She said to my surprise.

That fast, huh? Interesting...

“I would love to talk about my relationship with Charlie, but I must go. Have a wonderful day!” I say to her with a wave. I then teleport my way out of the conversation and land on the top of the tower, where I saw Charlie leaning against the border of the tower.

My fire went away with the sound it makes, making her vision look up as see me. I walked up to her closer to her, which made her roll her eyes with annoyance.

I place my finger beneath her chin, giving her no choice but to look at me. We locked eyes for a brief moment before I placed my lips on hers. The kiss was soft and meaningless for my behalf.

I opened my eyes in between the kiss and observed how Charlie’s cheeks became a bright red, making me feel good inside. I backed away and smiled at her, her doing the same. She chuckled at pushed me away playfully.

“You know that was wrong, right? I can’t date you! You’re the radio demon for crying out loud..” She exclaimed at me with hand motions. I growled underneath my breath and made my hand a fist, cracking al my knuckles.

“I’ve changed my darling. I promise you; I’ll make you happier then you have ever been” I sway my words with her, twisting my tongue inside my mouth. She blew her bangs to the side and shook her head no.

I placed my hand in her hand and intertwined. Her cheeks bloom a bright pink, making her bite her bottom lip. I sigh in defeat and back away from her grasp. I smile at her and rue my back away. As I walked away, I didn’t look back. I reached for the knob and twisted it.

“Think about it, sweetheart; I’ll wait,” I tell her with a quivered smile. I close the door and teleport back to my apartment.

I landed on the floor of my apartment and threw my staff to the side, giving it the position it needs to be standing on. I remove my suit and place it in the basket. I kicked my shoes off and jumped on my carpet bed, making my backache.

How can I make her fall in love with me?

It seems like she likes me but wants to deny it because of Vaggie’s sake and because I’m the Radio Demon...

I’ll figure something out tomorrow because right now, I can’t think of anything...

Maybe I’ll just wait and see where this goes.


Chapter 6: Mistakes and Remakes

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