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Nerves and anticipation - the most accurate two words to describe how I felt that day.

My fingers were clutched around the notebooks and folders in my petite hands; as I leant against the cold-stone wall beside the classroom door. It was already ten minutes past; meaning my tutor was already late.

"Hi," a small voice murmured. I glanced up from staring at my combat boots; a fair-haired girl smiling at me sweetly.

"Hello," I smiled.

She tucked her hair behind her ears, holding a blue notebook in her other hand. "I'm Beth," she added.

"Laura," I stated, watching the door unlock from the inside.

A dark-haired, slim gentleman, appeared in the doorway. "Good morning! I'm your teacher, Rob. Please come in and take a seat."

"Can I sit with you?" Beth chirped as we all scrambled into the tiny classroom.

"Sure - that would be nice actually," I replied stopping at the desk nearest to the door; dragging out a bright blue plastic chair; attempting to get comfy. I slung my belongings onto the table.

Beth pulled out the chair beside mine, placing her items onto the shared table too. She shot me a smile, before picking up her pen.

The classroom was no bigger than a postage stamp, consisting of just four tables and Rob's desk - which was tucked in the corner by the window. The sun shined through the clear glass window, causing me to peek outside at the playing fields.

"So today we will start with a little 'name-game,'" Rob stated, flicking the lid on and off of a board-marker pen as he obstructed the wipe-board. "So, you'll each tell the class your name followed by a fact about yourself or a hobby," he added.

"Okay, let's start from this side and work our way around," he gestured, pointing at Beth.

I glanced across to see Beth had become a little anxious. "Err...I'm Be-" she began, clearing her throat.

"I'm sorry, I'm late!" a tall gentleman called, bursting through the door; pulling out a chair at the side of our table. "You don't mind me sitting here do you?" he probed transferring his gaze between Beth and myself, as he slammed his books onto the desk. We shook our heads - almost in unison.

"Okay. Maybe as you're late you can start..." Rob stated, giving him a glare. The man looked at him bewildered.

"Tell the class your name followed by a fact or hobby about yourself - You'd know this if you turned up on time," he added, sternly.

"Oh. I'm Johnathon - John," he chirped, tugging lightly on his checked-shirt that was overdressing the black t-shirt. His jet black fringe styled into a little flick. "I, err, I've recently just passed my driving test," he grinned. But we're only sixteen, how can this be?

Rob smirked, his arms folded across his chest; still flicking the lid on and off of the board-marker pen. It was like an anxious twitch or something. He nodded at Beth, gesturing for her to introduce herself to the class.

"I'm Beth," she whispered, adjusting in her seat; balancing the pen between her thin fingers; tapping it against her notebook. "I love animals - I want to work with them eventually," Beth added with a little smile.

"I'm Laura," I stated, fiddling with the loose bits of paper hanging out of the edges of my folder. "I love music," I shrugged, not knowing what else to say. I was always awful at introducing myself.

After a few more introductions the lesson drew to a close.

"Maybe the three of us could, err, meet for lunch?" Beth suggested; tucking up the hem on her salmon-pink jumper; revealing her black denim skirt and pumps to match.

John and I nodded before the three of us scrambled to our next classes. It was nice to have been able to bond during the first lesson of the day.

We agreed to meet outside the main canteen - 'Refresh' at around 1PM - as we all had slightly different timetable schedules.

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