Broken Bones

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Fear is what empowered a runaway to be strong, Vengeance was molded and used as a shield while hate was used as a weapon. Watch as the runaway tries to conquer his past while trying to not become what he's always feared... a killer without morals

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The hospital that was chosen was a rather bland one; it looked like countless other hospitals in Alphine City. What is his plan? were thoughts of the hooded figure, and why should I be the one to do this. It soon began moving closer towards the hospital from its previous location, which was an alley wedged between two other nearby buildings. Its dark tattered cloak bellowed as a particularly strong gust of wind flowed through it.

Luckily, at least for the figure, it seemed that the area looked to be deserted. This cannot be a coincidence, either he is watching or… It abandoned its train of thought immediately and shuddered. ‘I cannot fail at any cost…’ Were the last thoughts it had, as it restarted its walk- rather glide-towards the hospital.

The figure stepped into the hospital through the sliding doors; the pests truly have advanced, it thought absently, why I remember when they used to fight each other using crude weaponry. It moved to the counter eventually, more gliding than walking, anyone who looked in on this scenery would undoubtedly feel at least a little cautious, but unfortunately, there was no one, but the receptionist who did not look up at it due to the lack of sound that should have signaled the arrival of a person.

“Excuse me”, the figure called out in a rather raspy and croaky voice, “Could you please show me the way to Room 5-A”.

The receptionist finally looked up at it, “Sure, please wait for a second” she replied in a bubbly voice, seemingly ignoring its appearance. The bubbly woman drew something in the air with her hand and chanted something under her breath, too fast to be heard, and something appeared from the air in front of her, the thing was tiny, almost the length of a person’s palm, and had a humanoid figure, it looked almost like a miniature version of the lady who summoned it, with its blonde hair and green eyes.

“Moxy, can you go ask Mrs.Ashworth whether she knows Mister-“the receptionist was abruptly stopped when the tiny creature said something to her. It knows… it knows what I am. How could I have been so careless, it thought to itself I really am sorry master, but I have to do this, I have to defect. It was nice working for you it abruptly shifted itself into a black miasma and sped away through the halls to the right of the receptionist’s desk.

Soon, there was an alarm blaring throughout the hospital asking all the patients to evacuate. One hour later, the police came to search for the being, but there was no sign of the being. Two hours later, they found a casualty. Five hours later, a child was born.

At the end of the day, there was only one casualty, one Mrs.Ashworth. But, for every life lost there was another given. In this case, it was that of her son. Though the boy’s father never turned up, nor did his relatives. The police looked up the name Ashworth in their registry and made a discovery, the name Ashworth seemed to be shared by many a person, but all of them claimed to know nothing of this boy, Lancel Ashworth nor is mother, Amelie Ashworth. Soon, he was sent off to the Noctine Foundation, as they were the only Orphanage that was willing to take in a child that was not blessed by the Fae.

Rumors of the incident and the birth of a Faeless child soon spread throughout the town. The more the authorities tried to suppress the rumors the more it boomed in popularity until everyone knew of the unfortunate casualty at the Sapphire Hospital nearby, and the rare existence of a Faeless child, but no one except a select few knew that the incidents may have been connected.

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