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Bindweed Forseen

Taking her eyes off me, the twit actually looked down at her flashy watch, stammering out the time,

“No!” I commanded, and she looks up at me startled, then she spies the ugly blade of my knife moving towards her, and she gasps.

She didn’t faint though, I guess that would have made taking her valuables far too easy.

This was to be no lifting things from a sleeping child’s crib.

And for a second, an odd vision flashed through my head of a sleeping adult girl dressed in a similar slickly shiny gown, diamonds flickering from her throat, as she laid nestled fast asleep in an old wicker carriage!

“Now!” I said calmly, clearing my head, “Give me the bloody timepiece lady, your watch…now like a good girl, just hand it over!”

“And no screaming also!”

I said, pulling away from her fingers, the clutch purse she was holding, as she began to take in a breath to do just that!

“Otherwise This will have to bleedingly painful for you luv !” I spat

It worked, she choked off her scream.


She raised her wrist again and with unsteady fingers, undid the watch from around her wrist, lifting it sadly, then laid it over my extended right palm.

She sighed, dropping her arms to her side like that was all I would be wanting to take from her!

The stupid babie was clueless, standing there with those puppy big sad eyes.

I could see that it would all have to be spelled out for her.

Which is precisely what I did, lashing my words out at her.

“Okay, you twit, your pretty earrings, necklace, that bracelet, and your rings, in that order!

I want ’em handed to me, and I mean like yesterday!”

She snapped up straight as my penetrating words struck like a snapping whip!

Whimpering now, she fumbled at undoing her earrings.

Finally, she succeeded as I pointed the dagger upwards menacingly to hurry her feeble efforts along.

She miserably pulled them out, one by one laying them out on my palm, covering her watch.

She then managed to gain some control and was able to quickly locate the necklace’s clasp and open it.

She lifted the glittering beauties from around her throat and draped it over my palm, the ends dangling loose, sparkling deliciously.

My heart was beating as fast as hers, for a very different reason though I had to admit.

For my palm was now glittering like some jeweller’s posh offerings!

The bracelet was next and she lifted her arm to shakenly take it off.

It soon joined my growing collection.

“This was certainly a lot quicker, easier than burgling!” I thought as she worked off one of her two rings, the small pinkie diamond.

Then she looked at me as she placed it in my palm, then with puppy sad eyes, looked down at her large cocktail ring.

She looked up to see if I was moved by her emotions into letting her keep it.

I wasn’t and nodded my head to back that up.

“Give it over miss!”

She pitifully worked it off from her finger, even at one point licking a troublesome knuckle that had stubbornly refused to allow passage.

With a desparingly unhappy sigh, she plopped it onto my palm.

“Now the hairpiece!”

But it is woven in she pleaded.

“The hairpiece” I repeated sternly

She raised her arms and tried to work it free.

I raised the dagger to her chest and she picked it up a notch, working at it with shaking hands when she felt the cold blade pressing in against her taffeta clad chest!

Finally, it came free and she handed it over, her disheveled hair covering over one of her eyes.

She blinked at me with the visible, tear-filled eye.

A sadder specimen I have never seen!


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