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Bindweed Unforeseen

I smirked as I looked her shivering figure over.

Without the jewels, her gown was even more beautiful, as, with a wet-looking sleekness, the slick taffeta material shimmered scintillatingly up and down as her figure was radiantly being captured in the moonlight.

I hissed unrepented under my breath…

“I bet lover boy had had those very same thoughts earlier!”

Her eyes went big as she saw the look in my eyes!


I calculated the odds, looking around… the still silence around us seemed to me that it would last some time more without disturbance from anyone outside the gardens.

After all, no one was supposed to be here, were they now!

Good for me, not so for her.

I touched the dagger to her shoulder.

She flinched, her lips quivering.

“Lose the gown!” I ordered next, lest she thought I was though.

She took a step back at this but saw I was meaning it.

She hesitated, and so I took a menacing step forward, waving the point of the knife threateningly under her chin,

“But, she stammered, you have my jewels?!”

“And now I mean for you to take off that dress, no time to argue is it luv, after all, I have the knife!”

She reluctantly, sadly whimpering, did so….

Watching the show, I also busily slipped her jewels into the clutch purse, a shimmering waterfall of fiery silver, gold, and gems!

I heard the dress fell to her feet and looked over to where it lay in a shiny pile.

Then I looked up at her!

She was wearing an ultra-soft, expensively cut, long satin bit of white lingerie. The bloody thing looked like a gown itself, lace and stitching even along a now chilled perked bosom.

The shoes I said, and she slipped them off.

That was when I saw them.

The foolish pup had tried to hold out on me!

There, on her right foot, a solid gold toe ring and a matching ankle bracelet with three real diamond studs!

“Holding out eh luv, I don’t tolerate fools, or liars well. When I said everything, I bloody well-meant everything!”

She let out another whimper and reaching down removed the toe ring and ankle bracelet.

“Is that everything now!?”

I snapped, harshly grasping them from her fingers, placing them inside the purse!

She unhappily nodded her head yes with all the innocence in the world as her freed hair flew about her face in silky loose strands.

I was not buying it,

I saw the true answer in her lying eyes!


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