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Lying Eyes

My lips were quivering like my pretty victim’s whole figure was, as I slowly looked her over,

“Ok, ill guess then, Now off with your sexy underthing. Let’s see just what it is your still hiding? slipped off a ring into your bra maybe, when I wasn’t looking?”

She was defeated, and knew it, as she lifted the slinky lingerie over her head.

I saw it immediately.

That was no bloody ring, I thought, whistling softly as she had let the slinky negligee/gown drop to her feet, revealing her nearly nude figure to my groping eyes, which quickly saw it….!

As my victim stood quivering, clad only in bra and knickers, it shimmered noticeably from her belly button, a beacon calling out.

The bloody thing was custom made, and obviously not costume.

Three diamonds set in a gold chain dangles from her pierced belly! Two rounds in the middle and a larger bottom one shaped like a heart, pointing downward to the knicker covered bushy area between where her legs began.

4 total carets in diamonds if I was any expert.

The young teasing tart, I thought to myself!

“Well,” I said, “I can certainly see why you wanted to keep this bit from me. But I cannot tolerate being played with!”

I lifted my dagger.

“Hold still now, while I cut this out!”

She took a step back, shaking her head, dumbstruck as to my meaning!

“Okay then princess, we will do it your way, hand it over quick like then!”

She did so, without looking down, plucked it off, neat and quick.

She handed it over, then stepped back, looking wretched.

But I was not through with her yet!

“Far too much fun, like playing a hooked trout on the fly !” I thought evilly!

“Now missy, I want you to walk over to yonder fountain!”

I pointed my dagger at a fountain some 70 meters away

“My clothes, my dress…” she whimpered miserably.

“I will be watching when you reach it, turn around and I will leave, you can come back to your clothes then!”

I snarled my words at her.

She obediently turned around and limpidly began to walk.

She reached it, stumbling the whole way in her bare feet.

Then she turned and looked at me.

And, as she watched from the fountain, her figure trembling, I shamelessly bent down, bundled up all her tantalizingly soft clothes and shoes. I scooped them up and placed them under my arm.

I waived to her wretched figure with my free hand and turned away.

Wickedly, I left her, miserably standing there aghast, watching my back as I left with, quite literally, all of her valuables.

Lucky for her she was not wearing a diamond strap bra and lined panties as I had once had seen in a posh upscale store!


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