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A Hasty Exit

I disappeared into the woods without looking back.

I knew she would not be able to move very fast in her bare feet, even once the shock wore off.

I threw the mask and coat into some bushes along the way.

My gown, now freed, swished as I briskly walked the narrow path back.

It was the only sound reaching my ears.

Surprisingly, no wailing cry’s followed from behind me.

“They almost always screamed!” I muttered to myself as I dashed away


My luck was holding out, the half-full side parking lot where my coupe was parked, had remained deserted.

I unceremoniously threw her things, and my dagger, in the coupe’s boot.

Starting the engine, I casually drove off.

Just another one of the guests leaving the party, that was me!

I passed the parking lot where the Silver Rolls was still sitting…

No sign of movement around it.

What if the Rolls belonged to her?

And I had the bloody keys inside her purse, now nestled in my coupe’s boot?

That would be a lark.

But though it was valuable, it was also too big to properly get rid of!

But then my mind went from her to the car, and how the bearded male git had ever so gallantly offered his help to my Damsel in Distress, falling into my trap!

I chuckled to myself, then looked past the gates…

“Bollocks!” I swore, my eyes opening wide in shock!

Up ahead, I saw a blockade, 4 cars, set up on either side of the road that was off past the manor’s high arched gates.

I instinctively tried to turn around, but was prevented from doing so when, from behind, came rolling up the bloody silver Rolls Royce!

I was trapped!


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