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Vyper, in Chains

The gentleman she had thought she had hoodwinked, the one wearing the trimmed Saxony beard emerged out of the Rolls and approached the coupe…

He was as cautious as a man approaching a wolverine’s den

He pulled out a folded ID case.

“You missed this one, Luv!”

He said to the churlish look she was giving him, opening it and showing her his Scotland Yard Creds….

Reaching in with his free hand, he turned off the Italian Sports Coupes engine, and pulled out the keys…

Meanwhile, four uniformed officers approached in from the road.

He turned to them…

“Cuff her!” He instructed.

As the constables pull her out of the convertible, cuffing her, he went around to the back of the coupe.

Using the keys, he opened the boot.

He retrieved the white taffeta dress, shoes, and underthing’s, shaking his head.

Holding the slippery bundle in his arm he then instructed the constables, as he threw the keys to one.

“Take her to the study for questioning by my detectives!”

“Also, bag that dagger in the boot for evidence, I will be along presently after checking up on my wife!”


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