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Subsequent Aftermath

Once Vyper had reached the parking lot, her victim, still shivering naked to the cold night air, turned, then motioned to a hidden alcove on the far side of the water fountain…

Two detectives, ones who had been posted in the gardens to watch over her, came out quickly to aid her now that the Vyper had seemingly made her getaway.

They had brought her inside to the front parlour, a uniform was stationed outside the door.


When he entered, her husband found her clad in one of his detective’s long coat, sitting by a lit fireplace, calmly drinking a whiskey and soda.

She had pulled off the blonde wig, freeing her longish red hair… The wig was now hanging from the head of a marble bust of Winston Churchill!

She looked up as her husband entered, and watched with a surprising casualness, as he gently laid her dress, negligee, and heels on a chair.

He then turns to face her, an apologetic grin on his beaded mug…

She rose, and without a word, fled into his arms.

He hugged his wife close, relieved that she was okay after her stint of acting out the rich decoy used to lure in the female master thief known as Vyper!

“We got her said soothingly, Caught the Vyper as she tried to wriggle free! Our operation called ‘Bindweed’ was successful….”

His wife, a method actress by trade, finally broke away, a subtle smile upon her lips as she spoke….

“You owe me mister; I don’t recall being stripped naked as being a part of your pre-plan preparations for the operation!”

He chuckled, rubbing a hand along his beard…

“You mean a whiskey and soda isn’t considered a hazard pay bonus?”

“Not, surely laddie!” She smirked, her Irish accent coming out as it did when she was in a teasing mood!

Her husband, hearing this banter from his wife, gratefully understood that she wasn’t scarred by the evening’s escapade, looked down into her eyes….

He sighed…

“So, what was up with you wearing your personal jewellery? Thought we had a chat about that my love?

She looked up endearingly at him…

“It was supposed to be a surprise, for later this evening, don’cha know, lad of mine!”

He had tried to admonish her, failing miserably, as usual!

Still, he wanted to make sure she knew the consequences by telling her…

“It will be later now, months before all of that will be released from evidence!”

She just smiled, like a cat who had caught, and was hiding, the canary!

“Ok, now what!?” he asked….

She answered with a wickedly happy smile…

“Well a little bird may have told me about a similar navel pin, one set in emeralds, you see!”

He smirked, placing a hand so it cupped his wife’s chin, lifting her eyes to meet his…

“Would that bird have the same name as my twin sister, the one you are thicke like thieves with?”

His wife just smiled smugly, then said…

“That’s just for starter, you know!”

He sighed, giving in, happy that the nights’ adventures were over, and had not taken an even worse turn then they had!

“Okay lass, let’s have the rest of your payoff demands!”

His wife picked up her drink, and while sipping it, walked over and ran her hands lovingly, stroking along the white taffeta dress.

She then looked up at her Detective Chief Inspector husband, and purred her answer…

“Since your office paid for this, and I wouldn’t call it evidence, I think I should have it for keeps, and a certain DCI needs to treat me to a real night out on the town wearing it, as opposed to this this roleplay mush! That may begin to satisfy this lass!”

Holding up his hands, he agrees…

“I thought you were going to demand the jewels, of course, they were only on loan!”

She smirked, saying playfully as she raised the glass to her lips,

“I’ll be wearing my own emeralds luv, thanks just the same, along with my new pin! Now be off with you, I need to dress, or then, maybe I won’t ?!”

He arched an eyebrow, as she blew him a coyly executed kiss…

Then he turned on heel and made, a bit stiffly from his newly formed erection, for the door, saying as he did so….

“I need to see how the questioning is going on, anyways….”

He left as he heard his wife giggling merrily behind him….

“Bring back another drink for me, and one for yourself, eh lad! I will keep my fires burning!”


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