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It was as the handsome gent was eyeballing a lady coming down the stairs that I walked up purposefully past him, knocking his arm and sending his pipe spinning.

Coinciding my actions, as I bumped into him, my left hand shot up to his waistcoat, locating the fob and chain of his solid gold watch!

I curled my fingers around it and lifted it from his pocket in motion as I grasped him with my right hand to maintain balance.

I quickly hid the solid gold watch as he apologized and bent down to retrieve his pipe.

After exchanging quick apologies, (I knew he was now in a hurry) he allowed me to take leave and I moved off some distance to a hidden vantage point.

From there I watched as he quickly moved off to meet the girl in time to gallantly offer his hand in helping her down from the last step.


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