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A Vision

It was on that early sweet summer day, that a fashionably dressed lady emerged from the Aberglasney Manor House and stepped out onto the upper landing of the magnificent Marble stairway.

With a royally carried head, this profound vision swept down the wide marble stairs that descended from the manor, out onto the sun-kissed green lawn.

A vision in glossy white taffeta, she was the perfect reincarnation of the captured black and white photo that adorned the black marble mantle of the manor’s antique-filled drawing room inside.


Taken quite long ago, the

black and white mantel photograph was of a past Irish born lady of the manor, whose richly painted portrait was hanging up on a wall located in the Manor’s smoking chambre... This black and white mantel picture had been captured as the lady was descending those very outside marble steps long ago, flanked by a greyish noble beast of an Irish wolfhound.


This modern-day version was wearing a clean-cut gown of stiff, but always incredibly soft to the touch, taffeta, coloured a dazzling virgin white. The tailored frock was outlined with small glittering rhinestones that encircled a pleasingly plump breast!

The glossy frock made for a stunning first, and quite lasting impression.

Diamonds glittered from the jewels she wore, all Cartier diamonds, that collected together made a rather bold statement of style, not to mention a significant dent in someone’s Lord worthy salary!

The ribbon-like necklace proper consisted of two outer horizontal rows of sparkling clear-cut gemstones, 1/2 carat each. In between, guarded by those rows, was a pattern of

6 small rectangular shapes, formed by vertical rows of clear cut 1-carat gems. Inside each rectangular chamber were set a single princess-cut clear diamond, weight around 3 carets each.

The whole affair was held around her throat by chains set with small clear diamond chips. Each chain started by holding a corner of the main piece, then forming a pyramid as they met into a double chain that circled her throat ending in a diamonded studded box clasp. Her Earrings were of long elongated triangular pyramids. Formed by swinging clear 1/2-carat diamond set chains, in the two centres were set twin clear diamonds a full two sparkling carets each!

She also wore a stunning Cartier watch upon her right, gloveless wrist. Just beckoning the excuse to walk up and ask this timeless vision the hour of the day, so one could steal a proper, close up look.

The noble manner that she held, both in the way her usually flowing blonde hair was held up in an elegant bun, and in the way she walked, nay floated, down these ancient stone steps was so believing that one’s eyes looked around for the Irish wolfhound to once again appear in from the shadows to accompany his mistress.

But the twinkle in her green eyes, the quick smile, and then the jump in a step gave her away. This was no ghost from a forgotten time, but an enchanting being living in the present reality!

And she had no idea that of the many pairs of eyes appraisingly admiring her look, two sets were also making other plans, of which she alone was the central focus.


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