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I observed with acute interest as the gent whose watch I had lifted, gallantly helped the lady down off the last marble step.

“How sweet!” I thought deliciously to myself

The two began to make small talk, and even from my faraway vantage point, I could see her body language was indicating an interest in the bloke’s fertile advances!

Truth be told, I was a bit jealous, of the fact that he was so close to her.

Close to those lovely diamonds she was so tenably wearing, that is.

For I too wanted to get close, prowling close enough to lift the entire collection of those ruddy expensive jewels away from their mistress.

So it was with those thoughts swirling in my mind that I discreetly began to follow them around, trying to find a crack where I could wedge myself in to garner the information I needed to get up close and personal with those frenzied sparkling jewels!

But first, to make it less distracting for her to give me what I needed, I had to find a way to separate her permanently from that watch less handsome git in the tux she was becoming increasingly attached to!


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