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Garden Interlude

A blue velvet rope was hanging between two pillars that were set up on the inside of the hedged entranceway to the gardens.

A rather feeble attempt at keeping the reception guests from entering.

For, sure enough, a man and lady, hand in hand, were approaching the makeshift barrier.

Looking over the velvet rope into the gardens for a few seconds, the man suddenly reached down, lifted the rope, and ushered the hunched over girl underneath!

He ducked under, following close behind, his free hand pushing upon a white taffeta bound derriere as he propelled the squealing girl past!


They wandered for some time along the deserted cobblestone paths of the gardens, admiring the beds of flowers; roses, lilies, and gaily coloured tulips.

Or at least the pretty lady dressed in white with chocolate diamonds blazing from along her figure was admiring the flowers, especially the prickly thorny moss roses.

Her male escort, sporting a neatly trimmed beard, however, was also admiring the girl’s finer points as they walked, feeling prickles of his own making!

Coming across a stone bench facing a large cement water fountain, the couple sat down, dangerously close to one another.

And soon the two were also dangerously looking into each other’s eyes with lust intent!


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