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A Charming Dance

The place:

Not much later, that same evening, in the Ballroom of the Manor house:

Inside a man and woman, quite deeply interested in each other, are dancing to the beat of a slow song, magnificently played by the full orchestra on the stage at the far end of the massive Manor House Ballroom.


The gentleman is clad in full tuxedo, starched shirt, trimmed beard cut in a rather saxonish manner, pale grey eyes that smile with pleasure.

One would think that the pleasure is brought upon by his dancing partner.

Which it was, for the most part!

She smiles in his eyes, he does the same back, captivated by the almost green colour of this pretty Miss’s eyes.

He then quite unabashedly looks down while he openly admires the virgin white taffeta gown with its rhinestone inlays that she is wearing so winningly along with her still rather athletically svelte figure.

Catching his look, she then blushes and lowers her head, laying it onto his chest. A longish, expensively sparkling earring, lays flickering along his shoulder.

He breaks the silence by asking her a question, which makes her raise her head in thought.

He looks back down into her eyes as she answers the question he had just asked.

He had been telling her about the Manor’s Lady whose old fashion daguerreotype photograph had been taken with her Irish wolfhound.

He had asked if she had ever owned such a beast, she had shaken her head no ( her earrings sparkling in a frenzied rage) but had said that she would love to someday.

The question he now asked was, what would you name the hound?

“Finn,” she said sincerely, for Finn MacCoo, the Irish warrior of olde legend.

He nodded in agreement to this, a fine name for an Irish Wolfhound, he agreed!

They danced on…

She was enraptured by the moment, caught up in some sort of magical dream of warriors, princesses, and a magical canine named Finn guarding a castle!

She closed her eyes, not wanting to lose one iota of the experience, wishing it would go on forever.

He twirled her around, her long shimmery gown flowing enticingly along with her fine figure.

Seizing the moment as his partner still held her eyes closed basking in elation, he, by design, deftly moved up his left hand from where it had been perched upon her back, snaking it upwards to hold her closer

“Gorgeous” he whispers to himself as his fingers brush along her shoulder, admiring the chocolate diamond jewelled necklace she was wearing!

“Simply Gorgeous” he whispers a bit louder so his partner hears.

She opens her eyes wide, smiling blithesomely, and placed her head happily upon his shoulder.

They maintain this close embrace for the next five minutes, a full minute after the music ends.

Finally breaking apart, they head off from the now almost deserted ballroom floor.

He leads her back outside into the dusky, foggy evening.

They make their way to an enclosed terrace where there are cushioned outdoor chairs set up.

At the bottom of the terrace stairs, a short way off on the freshly mowed green lawn, tables are set up around yet another a centre bar.

He helps set her in a chair, then heads off down to the bar to fetch drinks.

The bar is located behind the seats that lined the wall of the private terrace….

Which had been noted

For, as he waits to place an order, a hand gently touches his shoulder.


Chapter 7

The Parting Game

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