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The Parting Game

I had been watching the two flirting on the dance floor, and was becoming a bit bored by their smitten lovey-dovey actions.

But then the music stopped, and the orchestra took a break, finally!

I followed them out and saw him seat her on one of the private terraces that overlooked the large, hedged in gardens!

I saw my opening as soon as I saw him heading off to fetch drinks, leaving the girl alone.

Time to move in.

Time to try and change the winds of fate to my favor.

I went down another set of stairs and walked over to the bar set up on the front lawns, spying my man as he was waiting in line.

I went up and demurely touched him upon the shoulder.

He turned and looked me the eyes, smiling pleasantly.

“I remember you!” he said as I saw him then look me up and down, as he reminded me that I had bumped into him earlier.

It was a nice feeling having his roving grey eyes look me over.

Though I will admit that blue is my colour, and a tight-fitting satin gown usually begs notice to the gents.

Which is precisely why I had worn it out this evening!


“Please sir, I really don’t know anyone here, and I could use some help.” I pleaded.

“Certainly miss, if I can” he answered and I saw his eyes go off to the whelp in white taffeta sitting as she straightened that lovely gown of hers while waiting for his return.

“Well,” I stammered, “ It is really quite embarrassing, and I don’t want anyone else to know.”

He looked intrigued.

So, I lowered my voice and quickly spun my tail of inability to get my car to start, and could he come and look at it? I was sure, I told him, that it was only a loosed terminal on the battery. At least that was what my husband was having troubles with.

“I wish he was here with me!” I said this last bit with a trembling lip!

Falling for my lie, he agreed and said he had to tell a friend that he would be right back.

“Please!” I appealed, grasping his arm, and looking pleadingly into his eyes

My acting lessons really paying for themselves at that moment,

“Don’t tell your friend about my car, just tell ’em you need to help a friend in need, one who you owe a favour?”

He willingly agreed and with a touch to my chin for assurance, went off to talk to the lady in taffeta.


She was compliant to his request, and he soon came back to me and I led him off to the lot opposite lot of the one where my Italian sports coupe was parked.

We walked up to silver rolls I randomly selected, and I fumbled in my purse.

“Oh no I said, I dropped my bloody keys!”

We both looked around on the ground.

“Here I said, try the doors, I may have dropped them in the lady’s room. I will go and check.”

I gave him a huge enveloping hug for being such a dear, lifting his long thin billfold out of his tux coat pocket in the process.

I left him, as the sap was trying the doors!

So if anything else, I told myself, I had a watch and wallet to show for my efforts this evening!


Walking back inside I approached a young male servant.

“Look here my lad,” I said, leaning up against him like a co-conspirator, making sure he copped a good feel of my dress, and a look at what it was covering, in the bargain!

“I think someone is tryin to break into a Rolls outside!”

I led him to the door and pointed to where the gent was now trying to pry down a window of the silver Roll Royce.

The servant turned and fetched the butler, a rather stout ex para military-looking bloke!

They both dashed out.

I chuckled as I kept on going inside the house, to head through the ballroom to the private terrace where my victim was vulnerably waiting.

With no ID on him, it would be some time before her new boyfriend was set free!


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