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A Lure is Dangled

Before entering the ballroom, I stopped by the large, deserted foyer.

At the invite desk, I picked up one of the Manors’ embossed note pads.

Trying to reproduce a masculine hand, I quickly wrote down a mischievously inspired note:

Saw you sitting in the garden, such a naughty thing trespassing

If I saw you do it again, I would have to come over and lecture you.

Never should have helped you from the marble steps, if I had known.

Another dance, under the moonlit roses, by the fountain, is your punishment!


I walked out onto the private terrace.

She was still seated, restlessly squirming a bit

I walked over, circling wide, I came upon her backside and touched her on the shoulder of her richly shimmering taffeta dress.

It most certainly was quite soft!

“Here, Luv, sorry, but a man… said you dropped this? “ I asked quizzically.

Puzzled, She took it and opened it…

I saw a light go on in her pretty, almost green, eyes!

As she looked up at me, I quickly took my own eyes off her exquisite sparkling jewels.

“Yes, this is mine, thank you.”

She took a look at her watch, it was an amazingly pretty thing, a solid gold Cartier that was also amazingly expensive.

I could feel my fingers begin to start tickling.

This was promising to be ever so much fun!

She rose, and thanking me again, placing a hand, with a finger holding a glittering cocktail ring, on my shoulder, thanking me as she said her goodbyes.


Now, allow me to explain the note:

Earlier, as I was tailing them, I had seen the two sneaking under a blue velvet rope stretched across an opening into one of the off-limit garden areas, for a quick peek around.

I had circled, and found a path through the woods leading me to the same garden’s edge!

From the shadows, I watched…

They had sat on a bench making out a bit, before heading back inside to dance.

This was where the note was intended to lead her.

That was where I intended to be also!

And as I watched, she was making her way back to the very place!

Brilliant I thought, this should be like taken candy from a baby, a richly dressed one at that!


Chapter 9

The hook is set

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