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The hook is set

I followed her adorably clad figure at a discreet distance, before hiding alongside a brick wall of one of the terraces to watch.

She was in such a hurry not to be late, that she had no clue of anyone following and watching her!

I saw her again ducking under the blue velvet rope that cordoned off the entrance of the garden, before darting out of sight around a hedge.

I looked around, licking my lips…

She was not seen entering by anyone but me!

Also, no sign of that male git, who hopefully was still being questioned!

I left her, skirting around the edges of the terrace wall, keeping to the shadows as much as I could.

Reaching my small coupe, I opened the boot and rummaged through my kit, pulled out my Fairborn dagger, with its thinly long, strongly razor-sharp blade!

I easily strapped its holder under my dress, attaching it around my calf

I grabbed a long riding coat and put it on, covering up my dress!


I slipped back away through a thin pathway leading through the woods towards the large gardens where she would be waiting, vulnerably alone!

This was the path I had discovered, and used to reach a vantage point to watch the two sitting on the bench in the forbidden off-limits house gardens before they went back inside to dance!

I again followed the same path and soon came out onto that garden.

She was standing next to a small out cove by a high hedge. She was not far away.

Pulling up my hair, I placed a black hood over my head.

Waiting till she presented her backside, I then silently approached her still figure, my left hand now holding the unsheathed knife behind my back

Time to move in now for the “pillage”

I reached her and watched with satisfaction as she jumped when I spoke.

“Excuse me luv? Could I have the time, please? “

She turned to face me, I could see the unbridled disappointment in her eyes (at not hearing her friends voice) turn abruptly to utter horror at seeing me, a masked figure holding a wicked-looking blade!

“Could I have the time, miss ? “

I repeated as she looked at me quizzically?


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