As The World Falls Down

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Pulling myself up off the floor I went straight to the tiny bathroom and began filling the tub with hot water. As the water began to rise I grabbed a towel from the hall in the closet and grabbed a change of clothes before returning. Throwing my clothes in the hamper I turned the water off before sinking down into the blissfully hot water.

The best thing about this house was perhaps the deep claw foot tub that came with it. Even though I had to bend my knees to fit the water completely covered my body. It was heavenly, the hot water seemed to ease some of my tension away and make things better if only for a moment.

I sat in the tub until the water turned cold not wanting to leave. Pulling the chain to release the water I stood up reaching out for the fluffy white towel so I could dry off. Stepping out onto the cold tile floor I wrapped the towel around my body and went to stand in front of the mirror.

Pulling my hair free of the rubber band that had held it in place I gave my hair a gentle shake before looking up in the mirror at myself. The bags under my eyes would have you think that my nights were spent tossing and turning. In truth I don’t know how my nights were spent. I’d like to say I slept peacefully. The medicines that I took at night knocked me out but that didn’t necessarily mean I slept like a baby I suppose.

Changing into my pj’s I walked out of the bathroom hitting the light on my way out. Stopping by my nightstand I pulled my hair up as I looked down at my nighttime medicine. Reaching down I turned the lamp off ignoring my pills.

Going to lay in my bed I looked out at my mirror. The light coming in from the street light outside was enough for me to be able to make it out in the shadows. “Last time I didn’t take my medicine you reached out to me didn’t you?” I sighed when I didn’t get any reply. Had I expected one? “I need to know I’m not alone. Please, please don’t fail me this time. I need you.”

As tears fell from my eyes I squeezed them shut wondering if maybe I did need to get up and take my medicine if nothing more than to fall asleep quickly. Was this depression? I had been hopeful that I would be able to live a normal life outside of the hospital. I should have known nothing would be normal in my life.

Turning from the mirror I scooted to the complete opposite side of the bed. I just couldn’t look at it anymore. It had betrayed me. HE had betrayed me. Maybe he couldn’t have come for me then but where was he now when I was all alone. Had I just been a game to him? Had I just been something to occupy his time?

Why the fuck was I talking like HE was even a real person. We had gone over this so many times. HE was not real. HE was something I made up to cope with my mom leaving. HE was not real. HE was a fucking liar!

I let out an aggravated sigh mad at myself for letting my emotions get the better of me. This was why I took medicine to sleep, when I was asleep I couldn’t think about HIM and his...

The bed beside me dipped and I felt the sheets move around me. I couldn’t breathe. Part of me wanted to squeeze my eyes shut but the other part of me, the part that still believed in him wanted me to rollover. I jumped as a body slid next to mine and arms encircled me.

“Do not fear me. You did call for me did you not?”

I closed my eyes, this was not real. THIS IS NOT REAL.

He chucked reaching out pulling the rubber band from my hair. “You know I like your hair down.”

Closing my eyes I rolled over expecting to find nothing but thin air instead I found HIM. Bottled up anger hit me, “YOU!” I screamed sitting up. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? You can’t just come back now...” My composure slipped as tears once again fell from my eyes. My chest heaved and it felt like someone had set it on fire.

His hand came up caressing my back, “come here Sydney.”

I shook my head but still found myself sinking to lay beside him. Laying my head on his chest I closed my eyes as his arms once again encircled me. “I tried to come to you that night but the path was blocked. By the time I found another portal you were gone.”

He spoke so matter of fact, one almost didn’t want to question him because it was as if he spoke it then it just had to be factual. “I don’t understand,” I whispered. “You couldn’t find me in six years?”

He sighed clearly aggravated that I was questioning him. “Did you ever pay attention to what I told you? I can only come to this realm by portals that were specifically made for me. There aren’t as many as there used to be. Most have been destroyed over time. Others covered, as yours was that night.”

Running his hand through my hair he leaned down running his lips over my brow, “you have grown so much.”

“Six years,” I repeated defiantly as to not let that little fact escape him.

“Has it been that long? Sometimes it feels as if it’s been decades, others as if it was just yesterday.”

I shook my head, “they told me you weren’t real.”

“They do not accept what they can’t see,” he said. “You let them put doubt in your head. You forgot about me.”

I gasped sitting up placing a hand on his chest so I could look down at him. “I NEVER forgot about you! As much as I tried you were always there. Your shadow seemed to loom over me. I just learned how to push all of that to the back of my mind. It was that or to keep having to go through more treatment and more medicines. “

He reached up pulling me back down, “you pushing my memory away made it harder for me to get to you.”

I frowned, “so why are you here now?”

His lips formed a smile, “I’ve always been there, you just couldn’t always see me.”

Closing my eyes I listened to the sound of his heart beating. Its rhythm was soothing. “Why do you avoid answering my questions.”

“Some of your questions have no answers.” He said. “I’m here now. What does it matter where I was?”

I pushed up off of him “because you left me alone damn it. Do you have any idea what I went through? Do you know how many times I called out for you?”

He sighed, “do you want me to go?”

“No,” I whispered laying back down, “please don’t leave me alone.”

He ran his hand up and down my back soothing me, “sleep my little bird.”

I closed my eyes relaxing in his arms. While I still wanted to yell at him, I still wanted answers, I didn’t want to risk running him away. Not tonight. Not now, I had been wanting and waiting for him the past 6 years. I wasn’t about to anger him and send him away now.

Opening my eyes I sat straight up seeing the morning light streaming through my window. Looking around my room I tried to find any sign that last night had been real. That I hadn’t dreamed him up. My hand hit something under my bedsheets. Pulling it up I looked over at the mirror hanging ever so innocent on my wall.

The rubber band in my hand didn’t give me any clear signs. I could have pulled my hair down in my sleep. Tossing my covers to the side I got up slowly stretching. I had to find a way to prove he was real. If for nothing else than for my own sanity.

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