Without hope

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Maddy is finaly living her best life: she has a best friend, a nice drama crew and the most important thing: a wonderful family. But when her brother is murdered with cold blood, all that will soon be gone. The teen is determinded to get revange and find he's killer

Thriller / Drama
L. K. Peyote
4.8 6 reviews
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Chapter one - Little real paradise

Maddy woke up at the sound of the alarm clock. With her trembling hand, she turned it off and got up. She looked

squinting around the room. After preparing for high school, she went downstairs and made herself a smoothie.

“Good morning, sweetheart!” her mom greeted. Maddison murmured her answer and exited the house.

After she arrived at her high school, she looked to see if her bestie was there, and then spotted a tall, gorges blondie who was talking to a hot guy.

“Hi Claire, what’s up?”

“Oh, Daniel, this is my best friend, Maddy, he’s my boyfriend” she said smiling.

“Oh, nice to meet you. So, how did you meet him?”

“Oh, it’s actually a funny story” he intervened. “I kind of...well, I was at football and for some reason I didn’t find my watch and I was alone in the lock room. So, this guy that hates me comes there and punches me in the nose and then runs, and I’m pretty dizzy so I don’t follow him and I decided to go to the nurse, but for some reason she wasn’t there”
“And I was there and helped him and we got to know each other” Clair said, trying to not laugh. “Sweetie, can I catch up with you later? I have to talk with Maddy.”

“Sure, babe”

After he left, Maddy and Claire bursted into laughter.

“For some reason...thanks a lot Maddy, you always invent the craziest and outside the box scenarios”

“You should thank the drama club, they teach me that”

“To find your bestie a lover? Sure! Now lets get to class, I heard that Mr. Johns finished signing the divorce paper, due to his ex wife’s lawyers. So you know, he will grumpy, so lets not be late.”

“Sure, lets go” she responded smiling.

She always wanted a best friend, but she wasn’t really liked in secondary school, so until high school, she didn’t have a real friend, good friend or bestie. 8th great was hard for her, but after it ended, her little paradise she imagined when she was daydreaming, became a reality. In the summer holiday she took drama classes where she learnt to deal with anxiety and to make friends. In her first class, there were around 5 people and she invited all to hang out, and then they became good friends, like a crew. She met Claire on the first day of high school, end even if they were pretty different, they became best friends. The blondie was extroverted and a social butterfly natural, so Maddy got help from her too.

They entered the class just the before the bell ringed.

“Hello, class” greeted Mr. Johns.

After the class responded, he put his coat on the chair and opened the math book. He always wares suits and he is one of the moody but favorite teachers.

“How is everyone doing?”

One or two teens murmured <good>.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m doing awesome, after all, I don’t have a wife anymore!” he joked, followed by the class’s laughter.

After school, Maddy got home, and the first thing she saw was his brother, eating a burrito. He was tall, blond, extroverted, popular, in shape, but in her perspective, he was eating too much burritos.

“Hi, what are you up to, burrito man?” she joked.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh my God. I can’t believe it. You finally have a girlfriend!”

“Hey, how do you know that?” he asked surprised and amused by his sister’s enthusiasm.

"Bro, we are in the same high school, and you know Clair has eyes and ears everywhere..."

"Oh, yeah, of course" he laughed. "You know, you really changed" he said in a serious tone.

"What do you mean?"

"Look at you, last year you were always sad and lonely. Now you're living your best life"

"I guess it's high school's fault" she joked.

"Hahah, just wait for college"

"So, tell me about your soulmate"

"Fine" he responded smiling.

As she was preparing a salad to eat with the vegan hamburger, her brother told her who the "mysterious" person was.

In the evening, her parents got home. Her father and Maddison always had a close relationship.

The paradise is something that doesn't exist...they said...but a paradise wouldn't be a paradise if it was perfect. Yes, Maddy got in fights with her brothers and parents, but she was living the life that always wanted...for now.

She never knew what it was coming, that's the worst part. When bad things happen, the hardest thing is to accept them. But how could anyone accept what it was coming...

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