Without hope

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Chapter three - Team

When he walked in, he saw Det.White holding his head with his palms.

“Sir, are you okay?” he asked.

“No, but thanks for asking, Juda.”
“Oh, what’s wrong? Actually, if I were to take a guess, I would say that you don’t have anything on that case...with the killed teen”

“Sadly, but true, there are a lot of cases with killed teens.”

“Right...I was talking about the one from the Wolf family”

“I guess you guessed it right. I have nothing and the boss...you know how he is...”

“That type that wants just to look good in front of the press, I know...he doesn’t want the solution, he wants the answer”

“I like how you said it, but I’m afraid it’s the same thing...”

“Well...yes, but it sounded cool...sir.”

“Don’t you have drug dealers to catch, Juda?”

“Oh, yes, good luck with the boss, Det.White.”

The detective nodded and stood up. After walking through all the officers and detectives, he finally arrived at his boss’s office.

“Samuel, you finally decided to show up! What an honor!” said ironically the man.

“Sir, you wanted to see me...”

“Yes, yes, tell me you have something on that case, the killed teen...”

“Sir, first things first, with all the respect, there are a lot of killed teens. The name of the kid I assume you’re talking about it’s Dave Wolf.”

“Sure. Do you?”

“No, sir, he was killed a few days ago, there are no real leads and...”

“I don’t care, give me something until the end of the week, or else I will have to...”

“I know sir.”

“Good. You can go, it’s pretty late. Take the rest of the day off, I think the problem is that your brain it’s not used with work.”

The detective took a deep breath and thanked him. After exiting the station, he got in his car. “Asshole” he murmured. Just before he could drive away, he saw a familiar car arriving. He stared at it for a while, not knowing what he was seeing, but after the car was parked, a beautiful silhouette exited the car, followed by two men dressed in uniform. “Fuck...the FEDs...“.

Jully walked in with confidence, followed by the agents. She was proud of where she was now and coming back to her old job place wasn’t the most pleasant thing to do.

Just when he wanted to open the door and go home, Mr. Thompson was greeted by a familiar face.

“Hmm...I don’t know who you are, lady, but I can swear I know you from somewhere...”

“I worked here, but then I was offered a job at the FBI. Jully Watson. I hope you realize what your place is in the hierarchy, and you should address me with respect.”

Mr. Thompson’s face got red, realizing what mistake he just did. The FEDs were basically controlling everything, so it wasn’t the best idea to disrespect one.

“Oh, of course, mam, I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you. What can I do for you?”

“We’re taking over the case. It turns out, after doing a little digging on my own, I discovered that Dave Wolf, the teen who was murdered, was not the only one who died like that. We have a serial killer, who likes to make it look like suicides.”

“God...why would he do that?”

“Because he wants to buy time, but also be known by the world as a...martyr that killed sinful people. After “finishing” his martyr job, he will kill himself.”

“How do you know all that?”

“He sent us a letter where he confesses the 10 other murders that were declared cold cases. After that, he told us details that only we would know, like what weapon it was used, and...you know what? You should read it, it’s very fascinating.”

“I can bet on that” he responded with a discussed face. “Did you look for fingerprints?”

“Yes, Marty, we’re not stupid.” she replied, suddenly cold.

Marty Thompson made an annoyed face. He heated his name, and Jully knew that. “Bitch,” he thought.

“Sorry Marty, you deserved it” she replied, as she read his thoughts.

He nodded submissively.

“So, do you want to see the letter or we can take it from here?”

“I’m fine, I don’t want to see the letter that was in a killer’s hands.”

Jully smiled. She waited for this conversation her entire career. Marty always treated her badly in the past, when she was working for him. Jolly knew that she was better than that, so when the FBI noticed her natural talent for solving impossible cases and offered her the job, she accepted without thinking.

“Very well. So, give me the address of that detective...White.”

“I thought you’re dealing with it on your own.”

“I want to collaborate with him, he has potential,” she replied grinning.”

After she got the number she wanted, Jolly left the office, followed by the agents.

Jolly looked at the house. It was a house covered with black bricks. With the brown door, the residence looked like it was hunted. Suddenly, a fluffy dog hurried at Jolly and started sniffing her.

“Sorry about him, he likes a lot to sniff,” said the man opening the door.

“It’s ok. Did Marty tell you why I’m here?”

“Honestly no, but I think I know. You’re with the FBI, am I right?”

“Yes. I’m Jolly.”

After scanning her quickly, Samuel White smiled. She was truly beautiful...

He opened the door, letting her in. After they sat down on the retro couch, Jolly explained that she wanted to collaborate at the case.

“Why would the FBI need me if they have you?”

“My boss thinks that we will make a great team in the future. He wants to recruit you”

“Oh...” he said unenthusiastically.

"I thought the idea is going to please you."

"Look, you seem to be a cool person, but I don't trust a corrupted authority. You know as well as me that CIA, FBI...they are just a cover"

"I think if you work with me at this case, you would change your opinion. If you see something you don't like, you can walk away, but don't lose the chance to have a better life and make a good change in the world just because of paranoia."

"Or maybe you mistake us with the CIA" joked one of the agents, but after seeing the expression on Jolly's face he decided to shut his mouth.

"Help me catch the killer, see how we work, and then make a decision," Jolly advised him.


"Alright. You know where to come tomorow...don't be late, Sam."

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