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In this story A private detective with his friend who is a cop solves First case

Thriller / Mystery
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The first case

In a beautiful city called Hyderabad, There was an intelligent detective called Aanav. He has a friend named kritik. Aanav did not get any case. His friend kritik was IPS. Kritik was sincere to his work.Aanav and Kritik had a great bond with each other. One morning after Aanav’s coffee,He listened calling bell and Kritik opened the door. There is a old man who was 55years old. He asked,Is this Mr.Aanav’s house? Yes! Kritik replied. Kritik had let him to sit in the chair. Aanav asked the old man,How may I help you sir? The old man replied, My name is Mohan,I am an indrustialist. I had a daughter named Arushi. She was 15years old. She was missing from past 2 days. Please, find out my daughter. Aanav said I will accept the case sir and I will sure find out your daughter Arushi. Aanav and Kritik collected Mohan’s address. Mohan leaved Aanav’s house.

The next day Aanav and Kritik went to Mohan’s house. Mohan offered a cup of tea for both of them. Aanav asked,when is your daughter missing? He replied she was missing from past 2days. Aanav asked, How do you know she is missing Did any one called you sir and asked for money? Mohan said,No sir!I did not get any call on that it was 5:00pm I went to pick Arushi from the school it was late in traffic so I went at 5:45pm every time I will reach the school at 5:30pm. But, I was late on that day. I asked watchman. He told that she went with other person. Even I gave police complaint next day but they did not react. So yesterday I came near you sir. So, this is the third day after the day from missing replied Kritik.

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