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Gabriela is everything a man needs. Courageous, independent, smart and lovely. She is the type of woman you want to be with everywhere but queens don't surround themselves with servants. Gabriella is a queen. She is a drug queen. She rules her empire, her enemies. She rules the world itself. She runs every business in her country. She is involved. She has great relationships. So many husbands and boyfriends. To live after betraying her is a gift you don't want to have. Meet gabriela

Thriller / Mystery
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~los angeles.

"We can't miss her this time. Heard me?" Detective Wallace told his men.

"Yes sir." They all responded.

A group of soldiers snooped towards the door of a warehouse. It seemed an important operation for the two detectives who were leading it. Detective Diana and Detective Wallace.

"Beep beep." Wallace's phone vibrated.

He took the phone from his pocket, pressed answer and to his ear he whispered as he gestured for Diana to proceed with breaking the door. "I said am in the middle of an operation lieutenant Rivera."

"The hashish has been taken from the storage Detective." Rivera spoke on the phone.

" The cocaine too." Another officer behind Rivera's phone call said.

"There is nothing here, no one." Diana screamed from inside the warehouse as well as wallace turned off his phone heading into the warehouse.

"She played us twice this time." Wallace growled in anger.

"Your informer miss led you Wallace." Insinuated Diana lowering her gun.

"No. She gave us what we had so far. We are just late. I need to talk to her." Responded he heading out of the warehouse to his car as Diana followed in the back.

"Gabriella isn't an easy woman to catch is she?" snapped she.

"It won't be too long till we have her." Responded Wallace getting into his car and starting the engine as the lady whimed at him take off.

"Let's head back to the station boys." She ordered.

~Teca Company.

A woman headed out of the elevator. Dressed so arrogantly in her long sleeved blue shirt tacked into her gentle black pants with a jacket and blue heels. Her brunette head well dressed in a short hair cut.

"Morning mom." The receptionist greeted her.

"Good morning Marie. " replied she politely heading into an office.

Teca is a well reserved lamented glass building.

A gentleman headed into the office were the lady had led after a while.

"Thalia. Why so early?" asked the man to the lady.

" It's my business. right George? I come in anytime I want too. " She spoke back. "I need all of you in the conference room. Tell the others please."

"At your command miss." Deemed George heading out into the other office across Thalia's.

~The conference room.

A group of seven young ladies and gentlemen headed into the room murmuring silently at each other. George, Daniela, David, Charles, Pamela and Julian. Each taking a seat at the table including a young boy Brian about the age of seventeen who sat at the end. In a few minutes, Thalia headed in as well.

"Its a great morning my lovely family." Smiled Thalia taking her sit carefully. "The products are ready for shipping. I need everyone's head on this. Go out and do a great job as always. I doubled your shipment Brian. We are shipping now."

"Did you get the products?" Brian asked.

"I doubled your product. The cargo is heading to Bogota. You should inform your boys to have everything ready." Thalia repeated staring at the boy at the end of the table.

"Yes miss." Brian responded.

"Excuse me mom." Marie knocked at the door.

"Yes." Thalia replied.

"Detective wallace is here." Marie informed.

"Show him into my office. I will be there in a minute."

" okay mom." Marie walked back.

"Detective Wallace? What do you have with that man?" George asked.

"Am his informer. We talk about Gabriella. Is that enough for you George?" Thalia politely answered with no hesitation.

"Gabriella.. huh?" George smiled. "What information do you have on that mysterious legend Thalia?"

"I have everything on her. let's get to work now. Everyone please." Ordered Thalia pushing the door out to her office.

Wallace seated so furious and disappointed.

"Detective James Wallace. How did the operation go?" Thalia passed by him to her chair smiling.

"We were late. Yet again Thalia. Yet again." Responded Wallace in anger.

"What happened? " inquired Thalia.

"We can't look for a face we don't know. Maybe she passed by me and i smiled at her." Wallace insinuated. "We need a face Thalia. A face."

"Listen Dectective." Thalia stood up. "I have never met Gabriella before. I told you everything I know about that woman. Because of me, you managed to capture tons of her cocaine."

"The cocaine is gone. Sergio's hashish as well. We have nothing now. Nothing. I need something more valuable. Something that won't fail." Wallace begged.

"I gave you information because I never wanted to involve drugs into my business. Now I have nothing. " Explained Thalia walking to the corner with her hands crossed. "If I find out anything. I will call you."

"Beep beep." The landline on Thalia's desk rang and she rushed to pick it up.

"Hello. Thalia Sanroman." Started she taking a seat. "Camilo?." She snapped. "I need to speak in private if you don't mind Detective Wallace.

"Sure. Let's meet tomorrow. " said wallace heading out of the office..

"Not tomorrow. I have a business trip for a week."

"Then the week after. We need you."

waiting until he walked far, she spoke.

"Camilo my baby." She joyed in surprise."how is it going?"

"My job is done and I want to come home mom." Camilo spoke through the phone.

" What happened my boy? Was it all good?" Said she delicately.

"Yes. It was all fine."

"Okay... I will send George to get you. Okay? love you son."

"Love you too mom."

"Bye. I can't wait to see you." smiled Thalia as she hanged up.

Took a troll into the office across hers.

"George, your heading to Spain. To pick up camilo now. "Thalia seriously commanded.

"And my job?" Inquired George.

"I will do it." Thalia replied.

"This is gonna be fun." Daniela smiled from the corner.

"The boss on the team again. Huh... George you better hurry and live for Spain." David joked.

"Please be quick. And, you will be taking a few of the shipment to Spain too. So welcome to you partime job." Thalia smiled.

"How big is the package?"George asked.

"Not big." Responded Thalia as George headed out of the office grimmed.

She sat at the table were George was. Placed a few buttons on the computer and asked everyone to get ready for the field.

~ The police station.

Wallace headed into his office where Detective Diana and lieutenant Rivera waited for his arrival.

"The cocaine and Hashish are gone. About ten thousand kilograms. Those drugs were taken from under our noses." Diana angrily spoke.

"The whole station was on the operation. We gave her space to take everything. " lieutenant Rivera continued.

"How are you sure it was Gabriella who took the drugs lieutenant Rivera?" Wallace asked.

"Sorry Detective but Gabriela is the only silent drug dealer we know. She never kills. If it was Sergio Casadas, every officer at the station would be dead." replied Rivera.

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