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Kiara is a young designer, but not a designer. She has a mission, for life. Nobody has a glimpse of her real life, she succeed in hiding it from the world. But she falls in trap, trap laid to kill her. Whats the trap? Would she be able to get out of it alone?

Thriller / Romance
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I know it's the same dream, a nightmare. I had seen this girl a lot of times. She was small, maybe ten years old. I remember it was summer, the dusk was breaking, I invited her to play with me. Together we were heading towards the park. We decided to run, the one who would reach first at the door would buy another chocolate. I started running as fast as I could. She was behind me. I felt so proud. All of a sudden a black van drifted in front of me, I stopped abruptly. Two strong men emerged out, wearing black dresses, their faces were covered. They came closer to me, I knew there was danger. So, I took some steps back but I banged with another guy behind me, he had already captured the girl. I was too afraid, I tried to scream, but it was all vein as they hit me hard on my head and I fell.

I opened my eyes, a dream.

My heart was pumping hard, sweat was dripping off my forehead. Surely, I was terrified. Moving out of the bed I drank some water. I went to the bathroom. The mirror reflected my pale face. I splashed my face with water until I felt relaxed.

Today, I had invited Kiara Sharma, for a meeting, I wanted her to design my clothes. Mohit sir( director of my film) advised me to hire her. He said that she was immensely talented. "Despite being too young, she had already occupied a place in the hearts of everyone." He said with a glimmer in his eyes. He stressed that she was beautiful. Well, does it matter?

Of course, it matters. You haven't dated someone for long, at least you can ask her for a coffee. My subconscious was right. If she was really the way Mohit sir had told me, I could do that. Before coming to any conclusion I preferred to Google her first.

So, I jumped in front of my laptop, typed 'Kiara Sharma ', and pressed enter. Her pictures started appearing on the screen. I was stunned. She really was a piece of beauty. She had such wide eyes. Fear crept in me when I realized she was exactly the bigger version of that girl in my dreams. I zoomed in. Blue eyes and curly brown hairs, but, she was beautiful. I stood up, trying to be serious about it and not letting my heart brood over stupid possibilities of love.

'Have I met her? Maybe when I was small? Is this a dream or a memory of the past? Why this dream hunts me again and again? How can I clearly remember her face?' This cannot be a dream. There is something behind it. I needed to find the answers and I knew who had them-my mom.

I hurried, opened the door, searched for her in her bedroom but she wasn't there. 'She must be in the kitchen' I thought to myself. I slammed the door of the kitchen, and there she was, cooking. "Mom, did you know with whom I used to play when I was ten? The girl with me?" She frowned.

"Why are you so breathless? What happened?"

"Mom, that girl, you know her, when I was small she played with me"

"Did you ever played with a boy when you were small, there were lots of them."

"Blue eyes, curly brown hairs" I pressed. She tried to think deep, for an instant her eyes reflected fear, but then her eyes came back facing my gaze.

"Well, no! there was no girl like that" she said firmly.

"Mom please"

"I have never seen a blue-eyed girl in India! It's rare, you didn't have any friends with blue eyes" she was again confident.

"Are you sure?" She said that she was. She asked me to sit and eat my breakfast.

'It must be a dream, maybe my mind was making pictures. After all, I am an actor. Maybe I saw such a girl on sets. I must have forgotten it. ' I wanted to let go of the dream, I was too naive to handle it. I didn't want this fear to affect me and my life.

"By the way, when is that fashion designer of yours is coming?" My mom asked placing bread, almond butter, and vegetable salad on my plate. She sat next to me, buttering the slices of bread.

"By 8 am"

"It's strange, so early?" she said completing her task.

"She is busy mom, you see"

"She is busy, who in this industry has guts to make you wait?"

"I am not waiting, I just woke up early."

"You are taking her side" she giggled.

"No mom, now don't you start pestering her with your daughter in law stuff, I had been in trouble many a time, because of it"

"I never said that, okay tell me how she looks like?"

"Why does it matter?" I said staring her. I know she is going to do something crazy, all moms are like that. Once she asked Aarohi(an actress) to become my wife, it took me three months to get rid of her. I didn't want to hurt her but I never liked her. Nitya, same case. No, this time I won't let her talk to Kiara. She would end up doing something troublesome.

"I want my 27 years old son to get married" she looked serious.

"Mom, just chill, I would find a girl after this year okay?"

"Promise me," she said. I took her hands in mine "I promise, but don't you talk to Kiara. She is not like other girls."

"And how you know it?" She rose her eyebrows.

"Because she is authoritative like it's exactly 8 am and I could see a black Audi arriving." My mom looked outside the window, and so did I.

A tall, girl wearing black ruffled topper, and white leather jeans came out of it.

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