Blood and Flowers

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Chapter 3.

Ella was the perfect target. She lived alone, had no family in the same state, and she didn’t have many friends. No pets either besides a few goldfish. That won’t be a problem though. Of course, something like this was bound to happen. Ella was also rather careless, leaving her doors and windows unlocked. It helped that she’s pretty. I wouldn’t want to ruin perfectly good clothes. And I didn’t cringe too much while looking at her.

Her skin was white, hair was blonde, and her weight was low. Perfect. My partner doesn’t agree with my standards but she doesn’t understand how lucky she is. My work has its perks. Money, jewelry, sometimes clothes. Ella was exactly my lovely fiance’s size so her red dress didn’t go to waste.

My research doesn’t go to waste either. I know quite a lot about my victims. It only makes sense; knowledge gives me an advantage. Just from the sight of her in high heels, I could tell that she sucked dick for dollars. No one will miss her. Especially her regulars who don’t even know what she looks like. Even if they did I really doubt they’d risk ruining their marriages. Ella’s parents haven’t spoken to her in years and honestly, I don’t blame them. It’s not like I’d want to talk to them either though. What respectable people name their twin daughters Cinder and Ella?

Ella was desirable, but only for the start of the madness. She didn’t do anything that would make her fit for the actual game. She also had no connection to the players.

Unlike Dani. Oh, how I enjoyed her company. She was different. There was a spark. A spark that ignited into a blazing fire.

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