Blood and Flowers

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Chapter 5.

My girl wasn’t too happy about me going to some other girl’s house. I don’t see why; she was going to go too. We’ve been observing Bonnie for a while now, coming to the conclusion that her life was in shambles and it wasn’t even her fault. Cameron is a drug-addicted asshole who has no idea on how to treat women.

“How do I look?” I asked, looking at my beautiful girlfriend.

“I don’t like this.”

“My outfit?” She rolled her eyes at me. I smiled, letting my tongue poke out playfully. “Rose, please be cool about this.”

“I’m cool with a lot of stuff.”

“Then be cool with this.” She still wasn’t pleased. “Bellflower, you know I love you, and only you.”

She cocked an eyebrow. “What about Dani?”

“Dani’s dead so there’s no reason for you to be jealous.” I leaned down, kissing the top of her head and hugging her. “Candytuft just trust me.” She nodded, intertwining our fingers. “You don’t wear your ring,” I said, matter-a-factly.

“I can’t.” I pulled away from her, sighing as I saw her gaze fall to the ground.

“We’re giving Bonnie a small dosage. She needs to be able to recall what we want her to,” I said, not wanting to start a fight. “Cameron usually goes out at 11:00. If we’re lucky he won’t come back ’till tomorrow.” She still wasn’t looking at me. At that point, I decided I shouldn’t dwell, because sometimes women just need to have some chocolate and calm down.

I have a method. Picking up women can be tough, even when you’re devilishly handsome like me.

Find one that’s approachable.

Go up to her and flash her your charm.

If she’s not interested keep trying until she is.

Bluebell drove me to The Drunk Olive, her hands gripping the steering wheel tightly. “Can you relax?” I asked.

“I am relaxed,” she dead-panned.

“Want me to roofie you too?” She took her eyes off the road for a moment, looking at me with a burning hatred for what I just said.

“That wasn’t funny.”

“Why don’t you wear your ring?” I asked, turning my body so it was turned away from her.

“Why should I?” “Because it’s a symbol of our love, and it represents my promise to stay with you forever, and it was very expensive so could you please take it out of the freaking box?!”

“People will see the ring and ask questions.”

“You don’t have to answer them.”

“It’s not that simple. They will assume things. After a while, they’ll start to talk. Coming up with theories to try and figure out who I’m hiding. Plus...I don’t think Payton will like you.”

Bonnie was sitting at a table alone. A few guys tried talking to her (they were doing an awful job) only to be rejected. I placed my hands into my pant pockets, walking over to her slowly. My black shirt was a button-up. It was tucked in, giving my body more shape. Personally I believe that an outfit isn’t complete without a belt. Bonnie was dressed nicely as well. Like me, she was wearing all-black. If I was planning on killing her I would’ve kept the dress she was wearing. “Hey,” I said.

She looked up at me, a smile forming on her face. “Hi.”

“Mind if I sit down?” She shook her head.

“Go ahead.”

I sat down, sitting across from her. “What’s your name?”

“Bonnie.” She took a sip of her apple martini, squirming slightly. “What’s yours?”

I hate being asked this question. The name I go by in my day-to-day life is a name I bought. X is in no way a reference to it. I could have told Bonnie my birth name, but that name is something I want nothing to do with. “What do you think it is?”

She cocked her head to the left, narrowing her eyes and pressing her lips together. “You look like a...Conner.”

I blinked dumbfoundedly. “Conner?” I asked, chuckling slightly.

“Yeah, you look like a Conner. You look like you go to law school. You do well academically, yet you do recreational drugs every other day.”

I smirked. “Wow, that’s so accurate.”

She smiled, taking another sip of her drink. “I’ll be right back.” She got up and walked to the bathroom. I was surprised to see that there was no line. Quickly, I laced her drink with the classic Forget-me pill. After a few minutes, she came back. Immediately she took a sip of her Appletini. “So Conner tell me about yourself.”

“I like flowers.”

“Oh, what kind?”

“Roses, Bellflowers, Candytufts, Bluebells. Those kinds.” We talked for a while, her earring fell off. She ducked under the table, retrieving her earring and stroking my leg in the process. They were pretty. Nice and sharp. This is where the plan could’ve gone completely wrong. She was acting more relaxed and I could tell the effects were starting to happen. “My place or yours?” I asked.

“Mine!” We walked to her car, her lips not detaching from my skin. I grabbed her keys, placing her in the passenger seat. I didn’t see a reason to ask for her address. I already knew it and she wouldn’t think twice about the situation. I saw Desert Rose sitting in the car, watching Bonnie throw herself onto me. Her head was laying on my shoulder, her body beginning to paralyze.

We got inside her house. It was a bit difficult as she kept grabbing me as a way to ground herself. I closed the door, picking up Bonnie and placing her on the couch. The house was a huge mess. I genuinely don’t understand how someone can live like this. Bonnie wasn’t the lightest. I exhaled sharply before picking her up again. Before I was able to walk to her room I was interrupted by Cameron.

“Who are you?” he demanded. I groaned, tossing Bonnie back onto the couch. My partner came in at the perfect time. She snuck in, fitting up behind Cameron and sticking a needle in his neck. He turned around, facing her and holding the side of his neck. He pulled his arm back, making a fist and going to punch her. She beat him to it though, her fist colliding with his face before he could lay a finger on her.

“That was really hot,” I said breathlessly. She laughed, walking over to me and wrapping her arms around my neck. I grabbed her hips, pulling her closer. She pulled apart first, grabbing a bag full of our needed materials. I placed Bonnie on her bed. Tulip helped me tie the rope.

“I thought you said Cameron wouldn’t be home.”

“Bitch this isn’t my fault.” She placed the roses on the bed.

“Not saying it is.” I left the room, going back to the living room and dragging Cameron to the side of the bed. I had spotted a chair as I moved him. I went and retrieved it, propping him up and tying him to the chair. Freesia and I wrapped duct tape around there head, muffling any screaming that would ensue. Before we left I checked Cameron’s pockets. Two bags of Cocaine rested inside. I edited the letter slightly. Bonnie was a bit more aware of her surroundings now.

I got on top of her, my knees resting next to her thighs. “There’s a letter in the drawer,” I said, moving off of her and out of the room. Even if she didn’t remember the detectives were bound to check anyways.

The drive home was silent for the most part. I looked straight out the road, watching the road yet still being able to see the pissed off expression on her face. “Baby, is something on your mind?”


“Don’t lie to me.”

“We can’t get married if you’re in jail.”

“It worked in Orange Is the New Black.”

“You know what? Forget it.”

I closed my eyes, letting sleep take over my body. It’s exhausting sometimes.

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