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I'm just starting but this book is just the begin just read the first part and tell me how you feel about it so I can add more

Thriller / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Sky angel Moncler! get your but down here my mom yelled I think by now that I'm 17 she wouldn't have to yell my name like back in the days but you know things never change

yes, mother, I yelled walking down the stairs aren't you late for work she said I took out my iPhone 11 pro and started to look at its work started at 9:30 I looked at it and it said 9:00 OH SHIT MOM it's 9:00 I ran back upstairs, hoped in the shower brushed and changed into a blue crop top and blue leggings and some blue js because in New York you have to look the part and plus its summer hot right now
I went down starts my mom already had my breakfast packed I smiled than yelled have a great day mom love you, hey what about me my dad said oh yeah and u to dad and walked out the house to my black and gold range rover I know what your thinking shes rich nope just middle class with a lot of money.
I get seated the car and start driving more into the suburbs to my job in the cafe where rich people sit and talk and enjoy whatever they are drinking beer or coffee I park across the street and get out
I see my best friend Neveah taking orders from this guy with bodyguards around him can't see his face but his bodyguards look like sex on legs but what do I know I'm a virgin
I didn't know I was staring when one of the cute bodyguards locked yes with me and winked at me but before I missed his features he had light blond long hair that was pulled into a bun and was at least 6 feet 7 compared to me 5 feet 6 I blushed and kept walking into the cafe
I would say I wasn't bad with d cup boobs and a fat curved ass with caramel skin and my dyed gray hair which unexpectedly looks good on me slim but curvy, I might dd I have a spoiled mouth so nobody can get away with talking to me Rudely as I walked passed them the all the 5 bodyguards turn and even the one they were surrounding he looked at me and I couldn't breathe he was a fucking unexplainable god with his blonde hair light skin but looked Spanish his hair was in a man bum which did him good
He flashed my a panty-dropping smile with his dimples OMG I had a sold spot for those but I had some dimples to but what made me a little upset is he had a girl by his side trying to get his attention I just smiled and walked in my boss was behind the counter and I said good morning to her and went to put on an apron and started to get to work than my best friend came in OMG you saw logan whos logan I said that hottie with the bodyguards any way he's asking to speak to you
ME Why me what did I do go back out there and ask why me she looked at me with an are you serious look I said yes she went back out the and WENT BACK I TURNED AROUND AND WENT HEAD first into someone hey watch where you going I said rubbing my head I look up and it was that same person who winked at me smiling down at me for what I said rudely a flash of hurt flashed in his eyes sorry beautiful didn't mean to he said I sensed a London accent dam this just keeps getting better and better My name is sky and why u back her staff only he looked at me and laughed than came close he expected me to back up but I knew better to stand my ground
he just smirked and said mm you the ones who play hard to get mm this is going to be fun and he pushed me calmly against the wall and I said just because your hot doesn't mean I wouldn't beat your ass he laugh like something was funny I was starting to get mad and leave when he grabbed me and pushed me right back on the wall wtf i said
I'm sorry I don't think I let you go yet and I said I'm sorry I don't think I asked for permission than the grabbed both hands in pinned it at the top of my head, my breath got caught in my throat when he brought his lips to my neck and started leaving light kiss on my neck names Jackson he said and sky is a beautiful name beautiful i beat on my lip to hold back a moan but it didn't work
He smirked and kept going down then I said please he said please what beautiful please stop I said he dropped my head then right on queue my best friend walked in and was saying he said because he wants to be graced with your - then she stopped and looked at Jackson and me and continued presences I'm sorry am I missing something nothing nothing important I'm going right out I said walking out Jackson hot on my trail he whispered till next time beautiful; just as I walked out I spotted Logen he said as I passed through the other bodyguards You needed me I said he said yes I would like to invite you and your best friend to my house we are having a pool party and i would like you to attend this firday
But today is Friday I said yeah well around 6 he said it's like four something and plus why do you need us to attend I said well I like you guys energy I thought why not then I thread a ding from my phone it said
say yea he cute
sure I said he smirk well pack your overnight bag because its the whole weekend he said what I said yea he said she didn't tell you he said no no she didn't but you already said yes soooo nice to meet you I'm LOGEN he said sky I said that a nice name babe see u later right he said um first names sky, not babe second sure whatever I said he smiled and go up and came up and whispered in my ear so close it was only me and him could hear bring something to cover that bathing suit up I don't want people to see whats MINE he said and was walking away I spoke up before he could leave you wanna bet i said back he smirk and wink before got into his car and left me thinking if I didn't.

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