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What is fetish and how it changes people's life, is there any dangers associated, let's find out one by one

Thriller / Action
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The Hanging Beauty

A Mole present on a neck beside throat is being rubbed by a finger, the man who is doing this is now kissing and licking the mole feeling it like an ice-cream, next to it is a throat with a protruding eve apple, this new attraction made the man to touch and feel it's sharpness and also made him to place his finger on it and to rotate it clock and anti clock wise.

All of a sudden he felt a slight shake on the mole, then he grabbed the neck and held it tight, now he felt the warmness of this neck and astronished about it, the hard he held was like crushing a rock, a drop of liquid fell on his hand, he smelled it and with a happy face shouted "finally I made it" and left the neck. He came aside and saw the scene happening in front of him, up above the eve apple there is a rope which is holding a full body of a human being suspended in it.

This body belongs to a beautiful girl named Anitha before 20 years, she has a Black hair braided, In few seconds she will become a corpse for sure if not helped. Her eyes are opened slightly and there is no life in it, at times her eyelids slightly vibrates. Her nose got red and her mouth is open with a cherry red tongue protruding out. Saliva dripped from it drop by drop, she is a beautiful young women even during suspended by a rope through her neck.

She wore a pink Chudidhar, her neck is showing protruding veins which runs to her face like a highway, Now the man kissed her lips and got down from the stool, Her hanging body showed trembling hands and legs, while saying "Such a beauty to be hanging is a pleasure to watch" he took a remote and pushed a red button which lowered Anitha down.

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