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the last breath

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Chapter 1

It all started with lies, beautiful and wickedly crafted lies. Little whispers of truth here and there like fallen stars of skies. Or In other words she might say, sky was holding all the secrets. The ultimate deceiver of independence. But little did that matter now ─ when she had stopped the eclipse itself and plucked all those fallen stars. Only if they could tell her tales of truth…

The winds had stopped howling in rue. And the world had come to an utter stillness ─ Numb. Standing in front of her window, she looked at skies, at stars —all those little twinkles.

Heavy drapes were thrown off, letting the silver moonlight enter. Floor to ceiling length mirror walls helping the light bask in, like letting a kindle of hope in house of misery.

Even in all this light, she could feel shadows of memories creep out─ whispering, circling, engulfing her like a long-lost lover. Coaxing her to give in, to stop fighting and embrace them.

Raising her deep brown eyes, she peered at moon, circling the drink in her glass she took a sip and turned around. Another night, another tale of terror seeped in her bones.

Ringing of her phone made attention her divert from oppressing thoughts. Walking to it she answered it. A terse and grungy voice spoke,

‘’ Madam wants to meet you.’’

She replied, ’’Ok!”

‘’Be at Keys in half an hour.’’

A moment later her phone pinged and she released a deep breath at it. Placing the glass down she walked to closet and got out of clothes.


Half an hour and she parked her car and got out. Lines of people in flashy garments greeted her. Out of daily grind trying to have a wild night of their lives. Most of them chasing the thrill of losing themselves. Walking past them straight to door she saw two burly men guarding the door and two more taking care of crowd. Both of them dipped theirs heads in respect and opened the doors for her.

Keys — a club owned by Three Families. Elite and high.

Inside lights dimmed and flashed and music of every kind blared out of speakers. Bodies, wet with heat and desire danced, leathers and glitters and drinks moved all around the place. Blinking away the haze of it she looked past all the bodies towards the end and there she saw men in unplacatable suits guarding.

She slowly eased towards them and went inside.

There it took her a moment to stealth her gate and breathe.

She felt her eyes fall on people sitting before her. Zark sat there with his one arm sprawled over back of sofa and other holding a drink, his eyes raised slowly and met hers. It took her all the effort not to flinch, for his eyes were intoxicated and there was something — something else, something wild and murderous. Slowly he straightened and drawled out ‘’ Salyha!’’ she dipped her head in acknowledgement and looked to other side where Mikhail was sitting with a composed posture and hard eyes. She sauntered forward and watched her aunt offer a seat. She looked back to Zark and sat down. Her Aunt sat there — Bold and fierce. With a tight dress that left enough to imagination. she adorned a perfectly stealth look. Salyha noticed much to her own disdain her aunt wore a dark lipstick. It somehow made her look more — more of everything. Shaking those thoughts away she gulped and asked ‘’ What made you call me in dead of night? ‘’

Her aunt pinned her with an unreadable look and slide something toward her, and when she spoke her voice was stiff and off.

‘’I want you to look into this and give me a report.’’

She looked at the envelop and opened it. It was Mikhail who spoke now in equally terse accent,

‘’Make an antidote and tell me how those bastards made it.’’ The irony was not lost on her when she felt the drug in her fingers and smelled it, asking;

‘’ What is it?’’

Mikhail clenched his fingers and replied, ‘’That we want you to find out.’’

Mikhail’s eyes slid to Zark who went still, as still as she had ever seen him. Still as the death that was now beckoning in his eyes. Then his chest moved and he released a shuddering breath and answered with a pained groan.

’ We found our men with it … dead.’’ A tremor went through her and she knew, knew — what it meant to him.

He was one of the three families that ruled over Mafia. Three families Who were Mafia itself.

Zark Sayaer, head of Sayaer family. The youngest boss of all the families ever. There was no dangerous Assassin, mafia owned, more than him. Where Mikhail played with his guns, Zark handled all the underground fights and disputes.

Elenita Saundress, head of Saundress family. The woman was head of this family for past 25 years and yet Noone can look and tell she is that old. For anyone else she looked like a woman in her late thirties ― sinful and steel and bold. She handled the warehouses from whores to drugs to restaurants.

Mikhail Grade, head of Grade family. One look from him and you knew he was not one to be messed with. With calm fury, molten, burning under his skin. Composed and dangerous. He took care of all the weapon smugglings and Casinos.

These were their defined expertise’s but that was not all, other things, all other things they did together from clubs, hotels, companies, hospitals, to politics.

Elenita, her aunt, raised her chin and looked her in eyes, she knew what that look meant ― find everything.

Taking her leave, she walked out of tense environment to an open club, where floors thumbed with a low beat. For a moment she felt the world still and everything go blank from music to bodies, everything blurred. the dull throb of music was like a distant memory, her eyes shifted and fell on a man leaning against the wall at the other side of club. The man raised his eyes and looked right into her, her eyes widened and every last pounce of breath escaped her. There he was standing, looking at her with those dead eyes, dead yet so sad. Those eyes, they were her call, had always been. Raising her trembling hands, she tried to smooth them on his features, trying to cover those sad eyes, cover them from every other soul ― they were hers and only hers.

She flinched when a hand touched her shoulder and a voice asked,

‘’Are you Alright?’’

She looked up to find one of the guards looking at her quizzically, nodding her head she looked back where that man was standing but found nothing. Empty


The sky was dark, darker than most nights, Toghad noticed that with strange awareness. Not that he never noticed it before but more like he avoided it. Standing against street pole he took a long drag of smoke.

His head was heavy, and a headache kept pounding at the back of his head. Releasing the smoke from his lips he looked at the cigarette between his fingers, he needed a damn drink. Maybe it’ll drive away the shadows that were now creeping around him. Throwing the bud of cigarette, he squished it under his toes.

When a car pulled in and doors opened of adjacent home. He sauntered easily inside. And knocked the window of front seat. Salyha came out of car with a heavy scowl and said;

‘’I am not taking you in. ‘’

He rolled his eyes and scoffed back, ‘’Well, thats very generous of you.’’

She made her way to main door and threw over her shoulder, ‘’Go sulk somewhere else, brute!’’

He pinched his nose and squeezed inside before her and grinned, ‘’you are still not very effective with scaring me off.’’

Pulling the door close she muttered, ‘’More like not effective at throwing your fat ass out’’

He howled from inside her kitchen, already making himself at home. Well there is nothing much she can do now.

‘’Salyha Darling! I heard you. ‘’

The sound of cabinets being opened and closed and there a crunch of some packet and now fringe opening and thud of a carton being placed on counter. Throwing her keys away she walked to kitchen before that brute gulp down everything.

Leaning against the kitchen counter she saw him drink milk directly from carton and gritted her teeth. This pig!

Scowling at him she said, ‘’That milk is expired’’

He snorted it all on floor. She cackled loudly. He narrowed his eyes at her and threw carton away.

Again, opening the fridge, he gathered some eggs. On second thoughts he placed them back inside and walked out of there and saying,

‘’You know you should know not make a hungry man suffer.’’

She gave him a long look and narrowed eyes, finally he cried;

‘’Ok! I won’t touch your fine wine.’’

She smiled, maybe not a full but half amused smile and climbed up the stairs to her room.



There in the dirtiest corner of hut, a girl sat with dried blood on her hands and face. Rain was pounding heavily, with occasional flashes of thunder. She sat there hard, frozen with despair and anger…

A woman came to her with a little baby wrapped in worn smudged cloth, bringing her out of her numb state. Raising her eyes, she looked up and caught the little boy. She didn’t dare to look down at him, couldn’t let her eyes fall on him. For they were frozen on her mother, lying on a battered cot, a dead mother, with blood everywhere, on her face, hands, cloths. Her mother’s face was wretched in agony, as if even death didn’t let her breath through pain. And this knew life that her mother birthed, she didn’t know what to do with it.

How could this happen, of all the times why now, when she didn’t even have a roof on her head. How will she take care of a new life, how would she look at him and not remember this night ─ where hope left them, left them at the mercy of death.

She didn’t want to cast same despair and helplessness on a new born. New born were looked with hope, happiness, love and on the top of everything cherished. They were meant to be a beacon of hope yet this night brought only despair.

Hello beautiful people! How are you all doing?

I hope quarantine is letting you think over a lot of things. Because at some point we all needed this time tho not that long // hahaha

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