Death List

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Chapter 21

I had picked up the morning papers to read and was now positioned in a cafe on the North side of Waterloo Bridge. I wanted to see if the gift I had left for Detective Inspector Cain had been received by him. The first couple of papers had nothing. Then on page five of the Daily Telegraph I found the article I was looking for. It said that the bomb squad had attended an incident in Waterloo Train Station during yesterday’s rush hour due to the discovery of a suspect package on the main concourse. I did not expect them to state that I had sent Heather’s eyeballs, but they did at least say that the incident was related to an ongoing case. That was enough for me.

I also hoped to read that Heather had died, but no such luck. Should I go to the hospital and finish her off? It would be quick this time, needs must. No, there would be security on her room. It was not a logical action and would put me at great risk. I would give her two days. If she was not dead by then I would have to find a replacement. I had made an agreement with Marlene and I would honour it, but sometimes I had to adapt to achieve my goals like the other day.

I hoped that Marlene would not be mad at me for sending the eyeballs to Inspector Cain. It was a risk but I wanted them returned back to the body so that if she dies she could be released. I am also sure Marlene understands why I had to remove the eyes. I cannot perform what is requested of me if those bitches are staring at me. Maybe Marlene would not know about the eyes in the egg box because the paper had not actually mentioned them. Oh, I am so brainless. I cannot hide anything from my angel. And that is what Marlene is, she is an Angel of God. Using me as a vessel to do her work.

Cain was woken at 5am by a text stating that London’s security had been moved up to “Critical Threat”. This was the highest terrorist threat level and meant that an attack was imminent. It meant one thing. He was required to be at the station in case his team was needed.

When he arrived at the station he found the building in a state of flux. It seemed that everyone’s leave had been canceled. Cain fought his way through to his office. Inside he found Rigby sitting at his desk.


’Hope you don’t mind boss, but it was the only place I could find some peace and quiet to go through the witness statements from Heather’s apartment building. The good thing is that most of the extra bodies in the building will be gone in the next ten minutes. The threat is thought to be focused on main transport hubs and terminals.’

’That’s good to know,’ he said sarcastically. ’Have you found anything interesting?’

’Nothing that we didn’t know before. What do we need to focus on today?’

’What about the CCTV footage?’

’Can, but nothing has jumped out as being unusual so far.’

’I had a thought last night. We should cross-reference all the phone numbers and email contacts from all the victims again to see if there are any common denominators that we’ve missed.’

’You must be tired, we’ve already done that. But I will get Simmonds to re-check them.’

’In that case, I was hoping that you and I could widen the search for potential new witnesses at St Catherine’s Dock. I know that uniform did it just after Heather’s attack, but someone must have seen something. This man stalks his victims over a period of time. Maybe what we should be asking people is if they remember seeing someone in the last few weeks that is suddenly not around anymore?’

’Well it will have to be you and me, the rest of the team apart from Simmonds have been seconded to be on watch duty outside the City’s train and Underground stations’

’Already lost the team. Fuck.’

’I think even you are on a roster to be at Liverpool Street train station this afternoon. They really think today is the day. Apparently they have intelligence that the key suspects are on the move and travelling down from Leicester. It’s all on an email that you should have received.’

’I saw it but just haven’t read it yet. I need to check my inbox. I suppose we will have to make do with what we’ve got. Leave Simmonds running through the checks. You and I can make our way back to St Catherine’s Dock,’ Cain said finally positioning himself behind his desk.

I always make this particular journey in the early morning. Its not one that I make often, only twice a year. I prefer to be in the graveyard before the sun rise. I like seeing the mist rolling over the gravestones. It is an hour and half journey door to door. I make the short walk to Waterloo station and take the Windsor train alighting at Feltham. From there I take the 228 bus heading towards Teddington. The bus drops me off a short distance away from St Ethelred’s Church on Kingston Rd. This was where I used to come as a teenager and tell Marlene about my life and ask her my questions. She never replied with a voice. Just silence before she gave me a visual sign. I was happy with that. Just talking to her over the years had helped me answer the questions that had weighed heaviest on my mind before she had sent me on this new path. Today I have one question to ask her. I have been preparing my notes as I ride the train. I want to be open and honest about the policeman hunting me as it has been bothering me since I was chased in out of Heather’s apartment.

I arrive in front of Marlene’s grave. There are a few dead leaves on the headstone that I immediately brush away. The rest of the grave is neat and tidy. The graves are always well kept here. It is a wealthy neighbourhood, so I suppose they get good donations at the Sunday morning service.

I stand still and breathe deeply. I want to feel connected to the ground and the air that circulates around her grave. I am ready.

’Good Morning Marlene. How are you today? I won't be able to stay long as I need to be at work early.’

I pause for a moment to gather my thoughts.

’I have a question for you. We are so close to completing our quest that you have set me. But I am worried. You know I was nearly stopped the other day. More accurately I was nearly caught releasing Billcliffe. They have put this policeman in charge of catching me, a Detective Inspector Cain. He is getting close. It was as if I could feel him breathing down my neck when I ran from Billcliffe’sapartment. How he found me I do not know? Maybe he has another angel helping him? It is something I have thought about. But what scares me most is the way he is putting things together. It’s too quick. But he cannot be allowed to stop me before I am finished…..I have done some research on him through the computers at work and found that he doesn’t live very far from here. He has two children. A son aged ten and a daughter aged fourteen. His wife is deceased. So the question I have for you is not easy. I need to slow him down, but how? I have some suggestions. I wrote them down on the way here. I will read them out.

One - Somehow collect another man’s DNA, hair, or an item with a fingerprint and leave it at the next release. It would have to be a tramp or someone like that with a criminal record. I may in fact have something at home that may suit our needs. Or I could pick something up through my work.

Two –I could change the way I release the women. I would need to make it instant rather than take my time. But would they be released properly because they would not understand why? I need your thoughts on this.

Or three...Release Cain’s daughter?’

I wait a few minutes for what I said to be blown around by the gusts of wind and sent skywards towards the heavens.

’So is it one, two or three?’ I say looking up to the sky. Just then a flock of starlings flies out from the trees bordering the churchyard. Some of the birds break away from the flock. Their number indicating to me which option I am to take. I knew Marlene would get through to me on this question somehow, as it was so important. So the decision was made. Three it is.

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