Death List

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Chapter 37

In London, the terror alert was raised to critical. Information had been passed down that internet traffic between the four suspects was now at an unprecedented level. The security services were trying to decipher what was being said as they were talking in a pre-arranged code.

The previous thwarted attack in Paternoster Square was thought to have been coordinated by this group, but the police and security services had no evidence to support this. The suspect who had stated that he never left his residence was not visually seen for over 16hrs, but there was no evidence to place him in London or anywhere near Paternoster Square. The thing was, if he had done it once, he could do it again.

Based on this the security services felt that an attack was imminent. Roving emergency response units drove around central London, prepared to act once a target was identified. Cain and the team had not been called to support yet, but he felt it was only a matter of time.

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