Death List

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Chapter 41

Chief Superintendent Critchley’s morning was not going well. Apart from losing his DCI during one of the most high profile cases he had overseen in his career, intel had been passed to him that three of the people from Leicester were now in the wind in London. They had slipped out unnoticed from their London hotels that morning. The fourth was still under surveillance and staying in a hostel in Paddington. Based on this, heads were already rolling in the intelligence community. But that did not help locate the three missing suspects. Critchley was dreading the imminent call that would see many officers from his station positioned around London’s major transport terminals.

Following the difficult and emotional team meeting that morning, Rigby had gone to meet Kemp to discuss the additional patrols that she thought were needed over the next week. They were meeting at Starbucks in Paternoster Square. The location was Kemp’s suggestion.

When Rigby arrived, Kemp was already sitting at the back of the seating area facing the main entrance. Rigby bought herself a coffee and joined him.

’Morning Mr. Kemp. Thank you for agreeing to this meeting. Your choice of coffee shop is a lot better than our office. That is not a great place to be today.’

’Yes, I heard the news on the radio this morning. I am very sorry, I enjoyed working with DCI Cain. Do you know what happened yet?’

’His death is being investigated by a team from Kingston. I am sure they will tell us when they know something.’

’I understand. These must be difficult conditions to work under.’

’It’s not easy that’s for sure. It is a great loss to the case but it won't stop us from catching this bastard. So let’s get down to business,’ Rigby continued as she only knew how. ’Due to recent information, DNA that was collected from an unrelated crime scene at a pub in Aldgate East has been tied into The City Serial Killer case. So we need to increase the number of bar patrols in that area.’

Kemp seemed to twitch at her request and looked uncomfortable. Rigby had never seen Kemp look so unnerved before.

’Is that a problem Mr. Kemp?’

’No, I am sure we can sort something out. It will spread my team pretty thin. Let me make some calls to see if I can secure the overtime,’ Kemp felt himself starting to sweat. ’I am just going to the bathroom. I will be back in a minute.’

Kemp made his way out of the coffee shop and towards the public toilets in the Square.

What am I doing I thought? I should just leave my job and concentrate on Marlene’s requirements. That bitch Rigby was getting under my skin. Maybe I should kill her tonight? Or should I kill her where she sits in the coffee shop by stabbing her in the heart, just like I had done to her precious Cain. Rigby is also a whore who needs to be released.

I wonder what she would say if she knew who really I was? If she knew I was the one who had killed her lover.

Back in the office, Simmonds was chasing up on the request for Terry Cox’s new identity. He called DCI Wainwright.

’Morning DS Simmonds, I am sorry to hear about DI Cain, it is unbelievable. Please accept my condolences and pass them onto his family. Any news on the investigation?’

’The investigation is slow and ongoing. We are all feeling it.’

’Anyway, have you brought in Terry Cox now to be interviewed?’

’No, not yet. That’s what I wanted to ask you. How we are going with getting Terry Cox’s new identity?’

’What? I gave the details to Cain last night.’

’When, what time?’

’I sent him an SMS with a number to call around seven last night.’

’Shit. That was just before he was murdered. He never got a chance to pass it on. What’s the number?

’I have it here. It is for some department head within Social Services.’

’Great, can I have it?’

’Yes sure, I will SMS you now. The woman said she would only pass on the details to the head of the investigation. A real snotty cow.’

’Okay, let me call her and we can speak later.’

As Simmonds ended the call he received the SMS from Wainright. He called and spoke to the same woman that Cain had spoken the previous evening. After explaining the situation regarding Cain’s death, the woman reluctantly read out Terry Cox’s new name.

Simmonds had the same feeling that Cain had had, one of complete shock. It all made sense now to him as well. They had all been so blind.

Simmonds slammed down the phone and tried to call Rigby. She didn’t pick up. He sent an SMS. It read. Terry Coxs real name is Nigel Kemp. GET OUT OF THERE!!

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