Death List

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Chapter 42

Rigby sat waiting for Kemp to return. She went over their conversation in her mind. She hated men sometimes. She bet that if it had been Cain or Simmonds asking for more patrols there would have been no hint of resistance.

Her phone bleeped and she clicked it open to read the message.

’Fuck,’ she said out allowed. She started making the links that Cain had made. Now she knew why he was nervous. It dawned on her that she had just told Kemp that the killer's DNA had been found at an unrelated crime scene. No wonder he needed to getaway. Where was he? She called Simmonds to tell him that she was okay and to get officers to her location as quickly as possible.

Across the square, I exit the toilets and start to walk back towards the coffee shop. I notice Rigby twisting in her chair scanning the square. I know she is looking for me. She is frantically talking into her phone. She knows like Cain knew last night. If I go back into the coffee shop I will be trapped. I turn and walk the other way as fast as I can without running.

Officers investigating Cain’s murder had just sent video footage from the mini-market to Simmonds asking him to review it. Simmonds has passed it onto another detective as he was in the middle of coordinating an armed response team to Rigby’s location. He was taking no chances.

Things had gone into overdrive now in the operations office. Following the naming of Kemp and the fact that he had absconded from the meeting with Rigby, Kemp was now their prime suspect. Simmonds had sent two detectives to join Rigby and a further one to brief Chief Superintendent Critchley.

The detective looking at the mini-supermarket video called across to Simmonds. ’Boss you're never going to believe this but I have got Nigel Kemp on the video passing the front door a couple of minutes before the Gov leaves.’

’Show me.’

The detective rewound the video and played it back. There was Kemp walking past the front entrance. Simmonds asked the detective to capture the image and print it off.

Simmonds picked up the picture and knew that he was looking into the face of DCI Cain’s murderer and the face of The City Serial Killer. All they needed now was his DNA and they could tie him to all the murders.

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