Death List

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It was March the following year and the first signs of spring were showing themselves in the warmth of the morning. It had been a hard few months as the team came to grips with the loss of DCI Cain. His death had left a big hole in their working life and their hearts. DCI Rigby was sitting in her office writing out the day’s list of things that needed to be followed up on with their present case. But she had to take into account that this day would be a short one as it would be the final closing chapter on The City Serial Killer case. At 11 am there would be a remembrance service to pay tribute to the life of DCI Cain. It had been a long time coming but Chief Superintendent Critchley had pushed for it for his colleagues and most importantly for Cain’s family. It had been agreed that the service should take place once all the media coverage for the case had died down. To be honest it had not been pretty. The press vultures had picked over every carcass related to the case before they finally let it rest.

Today Cain would be remembered by his family, friends, work colleagues, and also by DCI Rigby in their own special way. It was anticipated that the church would be packed and that the bar afterward would go onto the early hours to remember the man that had first identified the City Serial Killer. The press gave Rigby all the credit but she and Simmonds knew deep down that Cain already knew. One of the people that Rigby was looking forward to meeting today was Hemma Chandry, the only victim of Nigel Kemp to have survived. Hemma was still traumatised after being stabbed in the chest and left to die. It would take her many years to recover. The only thing that Rigby regretted was not being able to sit across a table from Kemp to tell him that Hemma had survived. She wanted to see his reaction. She needed to know what it would mean to him. Then maybe she would be able to understand what had motivated him to kill all those women. She also wanted to know why she was mentioned in his murder book? Was she his next victim? They thought they understood most things after reading it but until you can look someone in the eye and ask them face-to-face you never really know if you have the answers you need. Knowing that Kemp was dead and unable to hurt anyone else brought at least the glimmer of a smile to her face.

The other thing that Rigby thought was poignant about today was that this was a day that Cain would have celebrated anyway. Today Ratner was to be transferred to Belmarsh Prison after being convicted last month of the death of Cain’s wife due to dangerous driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He had been sentenced to four years in prison. So later today Rigby would raise a glass of wine to Cain and his wife. They were together now.

But that was later. She pulled out the current case file and started to read.

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