Truth or Dare

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Kelly White is just a normal 15-year-old girl, that's until she sneaks out with her sister to go and play Truth or Dare. When her friends end up dead what will Kelly do. Does she find out what happening or worse... will she end up dead?

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Chapter 1

I’m Kelly White, just your regular 15-year-old girl. Well that was until my life turned upside down. It all started with my older sister, Rachel White. The perfect girl except she wasn’t all great. Sure, everyone at school either liked her or idolized her, but at home she was a trouble maker. Whenever our father is out Rachel has to look after me. I never liked it but I put up with it. That night Rachel wanted to sneak out. As she climbed through the window, she told me,

“don’t tell dad, I’m just going out to the bluffs with my friends. I will be back just before he comes home.”

“Don’t tell dad! How can I not tell dad? You are going to the bluffs at night. I go with you or I call dad. It’s your choice” I snapped back.

“Fine” she says, “you can come with me, but you can’t embarrass me Infront of my friends.”

We run down the driveway and head towards the bluffs. When we arrive, we see Rachels three best friends sitting around the fire on top of the cliff. Rachel introduces them to me.

“Kelly these are my friends. Kate Watson, Olivia-Jane parks and Sally Jones.”

The three of them look confused at first but then they smile and wave. Rachel and I sit by the fire with her friends and they start to gossip about guys and school until eventually Rachel suggest playing Truth or Dare. Sally and Kate jump up and down with excitement, whereas Olivia-Jane look scared and uncomfortable.

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