Just Want to Be Heard

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Things aren’t always easy and sometimes you are given a stacked deck. This is the story of a girl who has been through more than most people her age but still tries to find the light in this sometimes dark world. This girl has been abused, emotionally and physically. She was born sick and physically abused by her own father. Leading to the escalation to being held over a boiling pot of water by her father. Being adopted at the age of 10 months old with the positive mindset of hoping for a better outcome for this child. You would think that her dark cloud of a depressive and aggressively pessimistic storyline would have dissipated from her but you are so terribly wrong. Copyrighted 2020.

Thriller / Humor
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Chapter 1

Grunting, and sliding myself out from under the silk sheets of my queen bed, “Let’s just get this day over with.”

I pull out my clothes, deciding on a pair of red skinny jeans with a Hello Kitty shirt and pulling my hair into a ponytail. Slipping on my red and black vans, I start applying my eyeliner.

Azisa jumps into my room, showing her beautiful white teeth shining against her dark rich melanin, “Morning! Ready to go?”

“Is Mom and Dad up?” I look over to her reflection in the mirror, while finishing applying my makeup.

Azisa shrugs, pulling her black backpack straps up on her shoulders more as we talk towards the door.

“Bye Mom! Bye Dad! Love you guys!” She shouts, slamming the door behind her.

“Are you excited about being in middle school FINALLY?” I smile, gently shoving her slightly, making her beautiful dark brown curls bounce.

She smiles while shrugging, “Just happy I get to spend time with Emersa and Lorie. I’ve missed them a lot this summer.”

I tug on my long sleeve a little harder, “Well we know we always got each other.”

I bit my lip, pulling my backpack up, while stepping up on the old, musty, yellow bus, “Hi Mr.Kyle.”

He waves briefly, “Where’s Alicia?”

I shrug, “Just one of those nights.”

I continue walking all the way towards the back, sitting down next to a Mirinda, “Hi, how was your summer?”

Her bright blue eyes shine back at me, “You know...same old, same old.”

I laugh slightly, “Hope it was fun even if it was the same old stuff.”

Her arms in case my frame, bringing me into a big embrace, “I missed you.”“You saw me last week.” I mumble into her shoulder, with a quick eye roll.

The rest of the ride to the high school was quiet, with the occasional comment about a guy from Mirinda.

Stepping off the bus into the cool, damp air of this August morning, I shiver. Walking into the back door of the school, I look around in awe of how big my fellow students are. How are people really that big? I look over to find Mirinda already running over to her friends.

“Okay…” I rub my hands together, pulling out my phone sending a text to Ashlie.

Hazel: Hey! :3 Where are you? You said you’d be waiting for me.

Ashlie: Listen...you need to stop :D Turn around.

I scoff, putting my phone in my back pocket, “Turn around?”

“Yeah that what I said hoe!” Ashlie shouts, hugging me from behind and kissing my cheek, “So needy.”

I laugh, “Where’s Cierra and Peyton?”

She shrugs, “Come on we got Biology.”. She pulls me by my hand down the hallway, pushing through the sea of towering men and women in front of us, “Move out of the way!”

We get to our class, deciding we have to sit in the back, “You can see the board right?”

She looks over at me quickly with her dark brown eyes, raising an eyebrow, “Are you ever going to get glasses?”

“Don’t have the money.” I mumble, sitting down quickly, “Can you see the board or not?”

She nods.

The rest of the day up until lunch was a blur. I get out of Algebra 1 and start heading towards the cafeteria when I notice him. Him. He has skinny jeans on with a Bob Marley shirt on, rocking his fashionable eyebrow ring. I smile and wave, walking right past him and his group of friends.

No waves back or acknowledgement of any kind, what a way to break down a girls confidence. NOT! I roll my eyes, heading towards Ashlie who is sitting at a table next to Cierra and Peyton.

“Who is that?” Peyton points behind me.

“Someone we don’t need to hang out with.” Cierra smarts off, rolling her green eyes, and playing with her nose ring, “Too late.”

“Hi.” A deep voice echoes in my ears, “Are you sitting here?”

I look over staring directly at Bob Marley’s face, “No.”

“Okay, cool.” He pulls the chair out in front of me and sits down, “How are you Cierra?”

“No.” She scoffs, “Go away Riley.”

Riley. Interesting name. I look behind to see the group of guys from earlier and wave, walking past them to get some food. Ashlie follows, “Did Ceirra not tell you about her thing with Riley?”

I shrug.

“Here are the notes to Bio.” She pulls out her notebook, handing it to me, “Just make sure I get them back.”

I nod, “I think I’m just going to head to English 101 early.”

She shoves me to take a step further in line, “Eat something first then go.”

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