Just Want to Be Heard

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Chapter 2

Stepping into Mrs.Lawson classroom was like being taken into an oasis of sandalwood and vanilla with the calming sounds of the ocean waves in the background.

“Hello.” She smiles, “Sit wherever you like.”

I look around, taking in all the posters of noteworthy books. To Kill a Mockingbird, Mice of Men and The Outsiders.

As people begin to shuffle in, I feel a pair of feet on the back of my desk. I turn around abruptly.

“Hi.” He smiles, leaning forward, playing with my curls, “Curly Top.”

He pops the P with his full lips, running his finger down the back of my neck. “Haven’t ever seen you before.”

I shiver, pulling my hair out of his fingers.

"I'm not a fan of being treated like a piece of meat." I whisper harshly back at the mysterious guy, "Leave me alone and keep your feet off my fucking desk."

"Hazel." Peyton shoves my arm, giving me a harsh look, "Watch your mouth."

I furrow my eyebrows together briskly, looking back at this tough guy.

Bang Bang Bang.

Mrs.Lawson walks to the door, "Oh! Riley I didn't know you were in this class?"

"Just got transferred." He mumbles, looking around the room quickly, "Where can I sit?"

His bright hazel eyes stop on me. My skin begins to feel warm, goosebumps rising up on the back of my neck, and butterflies begin to fly in my stomach.

What is this?

"You can sit next to Hazel."Mrs. Lawson states, "Happy to have you in the class."

"Likewise.." Riley mumbles, sitting down beside me quickly, "Hi. We met earlier right?"

I nod, looking over to see him already looking at me.

A deep smirk begins to be drawn on his face, "Are you Ceirra's friend ?"

Nodding, I begin to turn to not want to be involved in the drama of Cierra, "Peyton what are you doing tonight?"

"Just homework and other stuff."

I raise an eyebrow, "What other stuff."

Hoping I know what she is implying, I pull out my phone shooting a text to my mom.

Hazel: Hey Mom! I'm going to hang out at Peyton's tonight for a little while.

I look up at Peyton, "Who's gonna be over?"

She shrugs, and pulls out her phone texting away.

"Mom and Brandon." She exclaims a few minutes later quietly.

Ping. Ping.

Mom: No. You're coming home. We have some stuff to talk about.

I roll my eyes, looking up at the clock realizing we have an hour left.

"Mom said no. What a shocker." I state a little bit too loudly.

"Mom said no to what?"

I turn around staring at a pair of dark brown eyes, "Smoking crack."

His brown eyes go big as saucers, causing Peyton laugh as hard she begins to start snorting.

I glance over at Mrs.Lawson, who is glaring at us from her desk, "Girls, would you like to share with the rest of the class what is making you guys have such a good time."

I shrink instantly hoping that she is pin pointing on Peyton.

"Hazel stay after class, we need to talk."

I sigh, looking over at her, "Yup had no where else to be."

Pulling out my phone from under the desk, I sigh and begin typing.

Hazel: Have to stay after school to talk with a teacher then I'm going over to Peyton's. I'll get a ride home or just spend the night.

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