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A Changeling Road

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Chapter 2 Second Prologue

Same evening

8:59 PM

Inside a rather gothic black stone Cathedral, where a fancy-dress formal tux and gown affair was being held within the ancient walls of its’ downstairs auditorium…

A bearded, middle-aged man, wearing a rather stiffly formal black tux and white shirt, stood expectantly in the shadows of a service corridor that led off the ballroom. His position afforded a clear view of the dance floor, a gathering space with its almost 6-meter-long oak bar, and the main chamber beyond, where the gaming tables had been set up.

He appeared to be held up whilst fiddling with a pipe, like he was having his troubles getting it lit.

From high above, he heard the tower bells start their hourly deep gonging out of the time of night.

As the last bell peeled, he observed a rather quite fetching brown-haired Lass, whose svelte figure was poured into an ocean blue gown. She was triumphantly wearing a smashing set of rippling sapphire jewels that played out quite nicely along with some rather finer points of her figure. She was coming off the dance floor and had swished majestically past him. She, in all appearances, would be heading towards the ladies’ powder room at the end of the dark hall no doubt. As several others had done whilst he fiddled with his pipe….

Both gave each other the customary once over, a standard at these types of events, no verbal acknowledgments needed. She ad found him attractive, but not handsome enough to go out of her way to make small talk!

It came as no surprise when about 3 minutes later he heard the rustling from the rich material of a lady’s fancy party frock come up close behind him and stop. He soon felt the warmth from her figure as her silky voice, with its lyrical Irish lilt, whispered in his ear.

“Envie de vous trouver…Ta, Got ya signal me love!”

Without turning he gave his pretty partner an ever-slight nod, she could not see that his eyes brimmed with pleasure that she was there!

Continuing to try satisfactorily getting his pipe going, he concisely spoke out of the corner of his mouth. “Three you may want to become acquainted with so far luv!”

“Self-centred Blonde, smooth long sleeved high neck green, noticeable long black shiny skirt, currently on the dance floor, distinctive Diamonded Pendant with dangling emeralds and rubies, nice bracelet, ignore the earrings, paste.” Last seen at the poker table.”

“Gabby Brunet, tight burgundy taffeta, currently at the blackjack table, perfect ruby and diamonded necklace, matching twin bracelets, along with her pinned brooch are all something special !” “Appears to have made friends with the barkeep, if you get my drift!”

“Last, Snobbish, nose in the air, dyed redhead, fashion-challenged, peach satin dress, and black velvet jacket... last seen spitting catty remarks with a clutch of older hens by the dessert table. Jewelled dragonfly brooch on Jacket, jewelled bracelet and old fashioned clipped earrings, the lot, decidedly worth a go….!”

“Got it, sounds quite vexing.” She whispered, before asking a question…

“Observe the young friendly chick now playin at the larger roulette table. Her figure trying to burst out of the purple silk dress, black hair, tiara’d, no gloves, nicotine on fingers.

Appears to be nice diamonds perched around her bare throat, tricky! Sumptuous lookin bracelet! Wave her off if’fn not worth a bother ?”

He gave the slightest of nods.

“Ton avance mon amour..” She murmured in parting from the shadows behind….

Without looking back to his partner, he appeared to give up on getting the pipe to lite, and headed straight off to one of the poker tables, the one with its position conveniently just across from a massive roulette table, and a lady in purple silk playing there!

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