it makes you go insane

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A young girl experiences some things for insane people when voices come in her head and make her do things she can’t resist

Thriller / Mystery
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examine day

The noise and the whispering didn't stop and Mia got more stressful. Finally when it called her name she yelled.
"QUITE" she felt like she was living a bird-box. The voices in her head was making her go insane. But why...
4 weeks ago...
my mom had cancer. And the doctors couldn't heal her. And i'm not saying that because they didn't wanna treat her which is true. My father just let her die as well. There was nothing i could do but sit and cry. My mom left me in this world when she always promised we will stick together. And then the voices came. They controlled me in many ways i couldn't stop. This whole time i'm thinking its my mom but she wouldn't want me to be doing bad stuff. The voices never went away. They stayed with me to comfort me. And then the ghost started to come. Were they demons?? i didn't think so either. But there something that's making me go insane. Like joker insane. When in told them to leave they tried to fill my head by telling me if they leave they couldn't bring my mom back so i let them stay. And you wouldn't believe they didn't lie to me. And no my mom wasn't evil no she didn't come from hell she came from heaven. This whole time i thought it was the voices that was making me insane when it was me. Then in time they gave their goodbyes and they would visit and left me... then the new voices came in. The devil voices...
"Mia" my mom whispered.
Today was the day i was going to get evaluated. I asked for this. This could be the only way to escape the voices. The other voices never came back for me. Maybe there trying to solve what demons are these...
I slowly got up and looked at my mom. Just 4 weeks ago i lost you and the voices gave you back to us. I thank them really very much.
"give me an hour please" i smiled. She nodded her head and closed back the door. I grabbed my phone and texted the only person i ever love in this world: Camryn.
love of my life: how ya feeling
Me: jittery
Love of my life: don't worry the weekend you have me
Me: i love you sooo much
Love of my life: know you do sweets. The minute your done come to my house
Me: okay
Love of my life: love you
Me: same
I slid my phone to the side and sighed. did i really want this... Maybe the new voices are trying to be friendly or maybe they might turn me to the joker... I walked to the closet and picked out a blue shirt and a black skirt and my black Jordan's. I walked downstairs to my mother and she kissed my forehead.
"kiddo maybe you might be going in a state of depressing memories i dont think you might be going insane" my father said.
"dad these voices ke-"
shh don't tell him about us. we can demolish your mother in 1,2,3. we wouldn't do that if i were you. we mean it. don't push our limits. were not what you think sometimes...
I kept quite and tried to rephrase the words. Were they kidding or they would really replenish her??? Wait did the voices just threaten me??? now i really have to be careful of my words...
"kiddo" My father caught me off guard.
"ohh... i mean... do you want me to be a real life joker? no right so that is why i need to be examined. Joker could be in my head" i lied.
"but that is hard to believe. Your fine. Maybe its your self-conscious"
"Dad you cant explain whats going on and neither can i. And besides if it was my self-conscious i know myself wouldn't want to harm my body duh" i said.
"she has a point honey" My mother added.
My mom was always on my side that's why i love her. She is never hard to explain to and she can understand everything.
"we are late it passed 10" my mother grabbed my hand and tossed me in her honda as she drove away.
Don't say anything to those people who think they could fix you. we can fix you. Make you perfect again like before. Remember Mia...
I blocked them out of my head by humming loudly.
"honey if your afraid i can cancel this" she said looking at me through the mirror.
"i can not afford you to die when we not paying attention. Nobody is suffering because of me" I thought.
"oh... no i'm just thinking about Camryn" i smiled.
The only thing that your afraid of is us making your mom disappear. You don't face the truth right which is a shame. WE can fix you why do you need to be evaluated.
I toned the stupid voices out of my head by humming louder in my head. Maybe these people can fix me and get these stupid voices out my head...
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