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Research Sasquatch Life !

Thriller / Mystery
Jerry Smith
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Pennsylvania Sasquatch And Family !

I Taking a trip to PennsylvaniaSasha and I It was late September researching for Sasquatch. Tuesday morning we both pack car up hoping to arrive in Pennsylvania befor noon on Thursday Hoping to find a camping ground with cabins. Fully furnish with furniture,appliances, fireplace I gather up logs dead branches kendling.brought on porch , we empty what we needed from car a friend not living to far from where we were He knew His way around being I never been there before I had all the equipment I needed to do my research compass, GPS, Plaster of Paris for tracks, Plastic surgery gloves for hair and scat. It was time to eat dinner Sasha did the cooking and I clean up the kitchen. We relax before hiking a trail we didn't know there were APPLE trees around campsite had another cabin quarter mile away no one rent it at this time I call my friend if we had any trouble. Next step is to get water old bath towl plaster paris hiking boots head out to go sasquatching gun in my holsters 45cal. Found some caves might be bear, found some structures built with trees.found some long course black hair hanging from some bushes fresh hair I bag it . Sasha see a bigger cave larger opening , She waited outside with flashlight I went in a ways with flashlight smell a foul odor, saw some large bones 3saw some glowing red eyes looking at meI back out slowly grab my sweetheart Sasha by the wrist and hand headed out to cabin I didnt't tell Her about the Human skull and bones . Didn't want to scare Her, It was Friday evening one small one maybe supper I cook took short nap. Went fishing I check over camera Hamburgers chips beer we had a outside barbecue grill close by look for a lake close to cabin found one not to far from cabin.we clean up afterwards listen to radio . Sasha like reading books she said she Stay at cabin I said to her it not safe remember last time you got kidnapped by Sasquatch He wanted you to be hHis wife. So she went with me I lock cabin up went to lake she read her book I told Her how much I love Her .caught fish for supper, we headed back to cabin it was 6:50 P.M. Sasha cook supper on grill after I clean fish. I belive The sasquatch smell our food . We watch the wildlife than it got real quiet it was about bed time we lock up cabin windows shutters it was Saturday evening She was sleeping I was checking the outside of cabin howling of coyotes She couldn't hear it I left radio the block out noises . At three A.M. There was heavy footsteps out side . I peak out window in living room to dark to see anything got flashlight I had a handgun 45 cal plenty of bullets I heard a another howl that woke up Sasha later the door knob kept turning I could smell Him He pick up big rocks throw at cabin to drive us outside she lock herself in the bedroom I went out on the porch He was only 15 ft from me I shine light in it eyes first He Stood7'ft tall almost as tall as the upper part of porch I took two shots in the air to spoke Him He turn around ran toward the door I block the door way He was within 7'ft I empty my pistol twice He fell to the ground after a painful wound He scream I got inside cabin lock doors got flashlight on Him and camera and took photos than in 5 minutes He vanish in thin air with a flash . Sunday morning arrive we were both still Alive a clean out cabin I ch in cabin bedroom to comfort Sasha out cabin she was nearly frighten to death she belive I was hurt bad or dead. She got dress took bedding to car took her to the car Lock cabin Headed home to Kansas . The End!

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