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Research Scientist Sasquatch!

Thriller / Mystery
Jerry Smith
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Full moon light Sasquatch Chapter 16

TRIP TO North Carolina My sweatheart and I left McPherson, Kansas to research Sasquatch .left on Wednesday arrive in mountain son early Friday morning .found camp site set up tent gather wood made campfire area a few medium size rocks in circle big pieces in first branches twigs on top,a little paper to start it .Time to eat breakfast Sasha did come a long she seem to want to go places I did my research through what she has been in the past trips+But still enjoys my company maybe because she loves me. She cooks breakfast on camp stove, coffee Sasauge, eggs toast beacon. She cook a great breakfast left food lock up in car .went on hike but we needed the phones GPS Kept phone phone charge up in car being there wasn't any other electricity pack up our back packs with research equipment had a map of trails in mountainside looking for tracks . Looking for lake or pond in valley Sasha saw structure of trees I saw some Course black hair hanging from structure we grab it with surgical gloves an twisters place in plastic bag. Wint back down by lake found some fresh tracks of sasquatch 16 'inches long pullout the plaster of Paris container mix up with water until creamy looking pour into tracks work out air bubbles and let dry . Came back in a hour to dig up castings she stay at camp reading I told Her I be back soon , it was 5:30 by than time for supper brush off loose dirt wrap in old cloth towels.put in cat which not to get broken. I cook up supper potatos, minute steaks, garlic toast. Milk.It was getting dark we had to start the fire to help keep animals away and a led lantern inside new tent for three we had sleeping bag but kept the un zipped In case Sasquatch enters camp we can get out quick . We slept through the night no problems I got up early morning to feed the fire I did have a gun with me for protecting both of us morning came woke up I made coffee on stove she got dress came out of tenting her Jean's and shirt Sasha cook breakfast beacon, and eggs,french toast.It put the smell of beacon in the air. Watch the wildlife around us. It Saturday morning time to go on hike to the lake,It was a small lake water was clear look clean no cabins or people in sight. Last house was 7miles away I went fishing caught 3 trout went back to cabin lake was about 1/4 mile away I clean fish we had them for supper it was lunch time Ham and cheese sandwiches, chips, soda.we ate lunch rested for a hour than she was taking photos of the scenery it get dark early things were doing good. I lit the camp fire added wood to it just use dead noises comming from forest Sasha went in tent to read book I cook up supper I cook up the fish chips cheese melted on top a couple beers from the car it was sunset. Sasha and I ate supper I brought a couple lawn folding chairs to set outside we set outside for a hour , No noises we enter tent to sleep. Woke up Sunday morning we had cereal,toast,milk. Finish up breakfast we went hiking again for Sasquatch evidence brought camera water we walk a long ways came back empty handed reach the lake at 7:30 PM still some daylight we look around the lake found nothing had a full moon we strip down and went skinny dipping we must have made to much noise we heard a load howl in th mountain seen glowing eyes in the wood thought it was a owl so we went back to swimming Than a tall hairy creature Was headed for the lake walk into the water and headed our way we got out of water got dress in a hurry ran to camp being I didn't have my pistol with me we were only half I had my gun by my side dress but had shoes on the Sasquatch was headed back in forest maybe hdidn't see which way we went !got back to camp and added more wood to fire I had a bright 6volt battery flashlight in the car .It was quite till I heard this screaming howl in the woodsIt was 3:00A.M. Monday morning I went out of tent to feed wood on fire Saw a big tall hairy creature 20 yards from camp Sasquatch had bright red eyes He smell bad looking for food or human to eat He tore the camp up hHe went to tent She was still in tent I took a couple shots at Him He came my way He was now 1o yards from camp He went to tent again rip the tent apart He grab Sasha Walking back toward the woods I yell at It He turn around looking at me still with Sasha in His arms He came toward me he got down on all fours drop Sasha on ground beliveing He get both of us I open fire on him when He Was 15'ft from me He stood up on two leg like a grizzly bear I reloaded open fire again He scream out He was 7'ft from me He drop to the ground like a bag of rocks I ran to Sasha aid She fainted had a few scratches on her, I pour water on her face she came out it I turn around and seen the Sasquatch trying to get up again I Shot It in the forehead He drop again and vanish in front of Sasha anI eyes It was 8: 00 AM by the time I got her backto camp . I put Her in Car clean up camp pick up camping equipment put out fire cover with dirt drove away .

Sorry The End!

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