Over My Dead Body

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"Shh, baby. Don't make sound" It's all dark, mystery, and thrilled iniside

Thriller / Mystery
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X West Highschool – 12 APR 2020 2:00 a.m.

“Little did you know, I can hear your breath.”

My heart accelerated as I heard his footstep became closer while I tried to calm myself by holding my shaking, cold and clammy hands together to my chest. Cold sweats started to trickle down from my forehead, down to my neck as it kept trickling down my body but my head seemed to not caring about my sweaty skins, instead it was focusing on the sound of slow, scratching sound of baseball bat along the steel lockers. Sometimes I could hear that he was getting closer, but it seemed he was further away from me at that time.

Meanwhile I sensed something was wrong when the locker room became silence, gone the scratching sound but my heart seemed not to beat steadily instead it became quicker, as I let out a shaky breath passed my lips. As I tried to look outside from the small holes to check on surroundings, from inside the locker but unfortunately, I barely saw anything since it was too dark to even noticing someone in front of you.


I jolted, gasping a deep breath from the sudden banging that made me move back a little, leaned against to the locker while shutting my mouth with my palm when I realised I made a quiet sound from the shifting. Turned out, he banged a random locker as I thought, he tried to figure out where am I and fortunately, it was far from where I was right now.

“Sorry, cupcake. You can hide all you want but…“ I heard him shuffling and stepped closer as I tried to hold my breath, my eyes couldn’t blink even for a second because of the feelings that he might find where I was hiding sooner or later.

“…I could find you, cupcake. Don’t worry, just stay where you are right now.” His step was getting closer, making my anxiety heightened and nothing could help me aside if I made a decision to run from here.

My eyes widened when I saw his legs in front of my locker but I had to hide my sobbing so he couldn’t hear me, he squatted but luckily his back was facing me and tapping the locker with his point fingers.

“Are you here? Hmm. We’re playing hide and seek now, aren’t we, babe?” Even he wasn’t facing me but I could feel that he smirked at his unreplied question. My eyes analysed what he was wearing and guessed that he wore something dark or maybe it was very dark or my eyes was making joke on me since I was too scared to worry about his attires.

After awhile, he decided to stand up and walked to another nearby locker and did the same thing he did just now but at this time, the case was, he was getting closer. Again, my eyes widened when he started counting while knocking the from one locker to another.

“…two.” He counted and opened the locker with a ‘boo’. He shut back the locker and turned around, with a grin? Then I realized that something was off.

Our eyes were making contact! My breath hitched a little.

But he only smiled wickedly and did nothing instead, he passed by me and started saying,” I could see you’re hiding too well, babe. What if I give you a chance since I think I’m interested to play?”

“It’s rude to reply with silence, babe.” I can’t reply you, psycho!

Only the silence replied him as he scoffed,” Okay, cupcake. I’ll count until five, then run as far as possible because I could chase you in second, okay?”

Okay! I know this was my only chance to get away from my dead treat, him. I bit my cold, dried lips and gulped as I waited for him to started counting. My heart could tell that he was smirking as a maniac right now, as if he was planning something on me.




I could feel the adrenaline seeping up my blood vessel, as my heartbeat increased more than it’d been before. My body was ready to jump out from the locker as I waited him count to five but he seemed to be silence for awhile after he counted until three. My hands felt so cold but uncomfortably sticky at last I tried to adapt myself with the situation.

“…” Silence. But out of the blue…


My hands pushed the locker door and my legs sprinted out but a hand looped around my waist, my eyes widened then went up to the owner of the hands around me. It became even bigger and I can’t believe what I saw that time… He was smiling devilishly.

As I hiccupped from the sudden shock while kept on staring him,“ Got you, cupcake.” He lowered his face to my side so he could whisper to me what he was about to say to me.

“I forgot to count number four.” Then he pulled back with a grin, “Sorry not sorry.”

“Let me go!” I pushed him by his chest but he wasn’t startled by it as I gritted my teeth and was about to scream but his palm on my lips in a blink of eyes that he grinned at me.

“Shush, baby.”

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