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10. Dinner


I stared at the closed door that Vincent had just slammed shut. Why was he so angry? What did he expect? For me to just lay back and open my legs? I shouldn’t even be here. He’d kidnapped me and now he was seducing me. I was so naive. He’d probably just take my virginity then kill me. I didn’t believe for one minute that my father wanted him to look after me. Why would he?

Then I had a lightbulb moment. He’s taking me out to dinner. Did he mean out, out? I could escape, or at least try. This place must have an American consulate. All foreign countries did. I could find it and tell them exactly what had happened. At least if I was turned over to the FBI I wouldn’t be killed.

I quickly jumped off the bed. Grabbing the towel I vigorously rubbed my hair so it was only damp and not dripping wet. Then I headed over to the walk in closet.

As I walked in, I saw a light switch on the wall so I flicked it.

A fluorescent light flickered, then bathed the room in white light.

I gasped. There were rails of clothes everywhere. On the left hand side were suits and shirts. Obviously Vincent’s clothes, on the right were rails full of dresses. So many different styles and colours. No jeans though, which disappointed me. I had always been a jeans and tee-shirt sort of a girl. I never really felt comfortable in dresses.

There was also two large chest of drawers. One at each end, and in the middle was a dressing table with a vanity mirror.

I opened one of the drawers in the chest next to the dresses. It was filled with underwear. Or I should say lingerie. I picked up a red lace and silk thong. I blushed, just at the thought of wearing it. I’d never worn anything like this before.

Looking through the drawer, it was all pretty similar, in varying colours. I shrugged and put in on. It was so soft. Then I looked at the dresses.

I grabbed a red dress. It was a skater style, with spaghetti straps that crossed over at the back leaving my back mostly bare. I couldn’t wear a bra with it, so I just quickly put it on. I wasn’t very big up top anyway, so I could carry it off.

Then I looked at the shoes. I grabbed a red pair of ballet pumps. I was relieved that they weren’t all heels. Then I realised, there were no heels. Well no higher than about an inch. I shrugged my shoulders, and flipped off the light.

When I walked back into the bedroom, Vincent stood there in a pair of dark jeans, and a white button up shirt. The sleeves were rolled up, and I noticed a tattoo on his arm. Even when he dressed casually he looked hot. I shook the thought out of my mind.

He stared at me, his anger now all but gone.

“You look...Beautiful, gattina, he cooed.

I felt my face flush. I just hoped it wasn’t as red as the lace thong I was wearing.

“I didn’t have time to do my hair,” I quickly countered.

Vincent smiled, and beckoned me towards him with his finger.

I walked towards him, not wanting to anger him again. Last time he had been properly angry had been on the terrace. Then he had pointed a gun at me. Besides, I wanted him to trust me. That way when I ran, he wouldn’t be expecting it.

I watched as he picked up a hairbrush from the console table that stood flush against one of the walls. As I neared him, his hand rested on the small of my back. It sent tingles through my body. How could he make me feel like this. I should hate him. I did hate him. It was my body betraying me, and I had no control over it.

I swallowed hard, trying to steady myself, and my rapidly beating heart.

Vincent sat down on the bed, and patted the space between his legs. I quickly sat down, just as I had when he had brushed my hair before.

He slowly started brushing me hair.

When he was done, he swept it over one shoulder, leaving the other shoulder and my neck bare.

I felt his finger glide down the bare skin of my neck, then down to my shoulder. Goose bumps formed as he continued down my arm.

“Such a good girl, you understand it will be better for you when you learn to obey me, don’t you?” he whispered, his breath fanning my neck.

“Y...Yes Vincent,” I replied, my voice trembling.

There was a hint of threat. A hint of menace in his voice.

Then I felt his lips on my neck, peppering kisses on it, then on my bare shoulder. I clenched my legs together, trying to stop the feeling that was building there.

“Now, gattina,” Vincent began, “I have a gift for you.”

Vincent reached into his pocket, and pulled out a little box.

Inside was a silver necklace, a single diamond in a silver setting hung from the chain.

He carefully put in on, sliding his hand under my hair to free it from the confines of the chain.

“Do you like it?” he whispered.

I nodded, “it’s beautiful. Thank you.”

He ran his fingers across my shoulders, and down my arms. When they came to a stop, he gently gripped my upper arms.

“Good girls get rewards, bad girls...well you don’t want to know about bad girls, gattina,” he whispered, “Now lets go to dinner.”

He gently eased me into a standing position. Then his hand once again rested on my bare back, as he ushered me towards the bedroom door.

I was beginning to think that wearing this dress had been a bad idea.

We walked down the main staircase. As per usual the main entrance was littered with men. This time we headed towards the main entrance. Two large double doors. Sitting out front was a black sports car, a two seater. On closer inspection, I realised it was a Ferrari Spider. Not that I’d ever even seen one before, but the boys at school were always raving about it. Imagine how jealous they would be if they knew I was about to ride in one.

Vincent opened the passenger door, and I got in. The seats were leather...of course they were. Vincent had to be filthy rich, and he had to let everyone know.

As I sat in the car, I had my first look at the outside of the villa. It was huge, and it was also gorgeous. The walls were plain white stucco, and the roof was made of red tiles. Glancing around, the grounds were huge. Surrounded by six feet walls, with another two foot of wrought iron trellis. Two huge wrought iron gates completed the entry way. More men were dotted around the perimeter, and next to the gates. There would be no chance of escaping from here. My only chance was to do it once we were outside. Tonight might be my only chance.

Vincent got in the car, and the engine roared to life. He headed towards the huge gates, and as we approached, they opened.

My eyes widened in surprise.

Vincent chuckled.

“I have sensors on all my vehicles. The gates open automatically when they recognise the sensor.”

I frowned, as the car accelerated through the open gates.

“What about visitors?” I asked, curiously

“Visitors are only ever allowed on the property if they are escorted. They always come in one of my cars. Anyone else isn’t welcome,” he huffed.

I really had no idea where we were. Vincent’s home seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. He drove fast. A little too fast for my liking, but after a short drive, we entered a more built up area then a town. The streets were narrow, and I was thankful for that as he slowed down.

Eventually we came to a stop in a narrow street, next to a small bistro type restaurant.

Once he was out of the car, in opened the passenger door so that I could get out. Give him that, he seemed to be a gentleman.

We entered the restaurant to be greeted by an older man.

He bowed his head.

“Signor Marchesi, onori il mio ristorante con la tua presenza.” [Mr Marchesi, you honour my restaurant with your presence]

Vincent nodded in acknowledgement.

“Grazie Luigi, ma per favore, inglese oggi, il mio compagno non parla italiano” [Thank you Luigi, but please, English today, my companion doesn’t speak Italian]

Luigi nodded. I guessed he was the owner.

“Of course Signor Marchesi. Let me show you to your table.”

Luigi led us to a table in the corner. Slightly out of the way. I guessed perhaps that Vincent came here regularly, perhaps he didn’t want to be the centre of attention.

Vincent rested his hand, once again on my back, as we followed Luigi.

Luigi pulled out a chair, and Vincent ushered me to sit. Then Luigi did the same for Vincent.

He then clapped his hands, and a young girl came across with menu’s. She looked absolutely terrified. Did Vincent really have all these people under his control?

As soon as she had handed us the menu’s she darted off.

I glanced down at the menu, it was all in Italian. Great, now I couldn’t even ask for what I wanted.

Vincent glanced over at me and smirked. He knew full well I didn’t understand a word of what it said.

“Would you like me to order for you?” he asked, smugly.

I nodded, “yes please.”

I wasn’t about to give him a smart arse remark, although I longed to.

He reached out across the table, and took my hand, rubbing his thumb gently across the top.

“You’ll have to tell me what you like, gattina?”

Damn this man, why did everything have to have some sort of innuendo. Or was it just me, reading too much into what he said.

I took a deep breath.

“Anything really,” I smiled, “surprise me.”

Vincent looked at me, and licked his lips, “oh, I can definitely surprise you, Tesoro.”

He let go of my hand, and snapped his fingers.

The girl who had given us the menu’s earlier, was nowhere to be seen. Instead a young man walked over.

“Are you ready to order, Signor?”

Vincent frowned, the nodded.

“Two Pappardelle all’anatra and a bottle of chianti,” he demanded.

The young man nodded, and scooted off.

“I’m not sure I should be drinking alcohol,” I stated.

Vincent chuckled.

“Then let them arrest me!”

I wasn’t sure whether his intent was to get me tipsy. I’d never had wine before, and I have to say, I quite liked it. After one glass however, I began to feel a little light headed. I also felt a bit guilty. Here was Vincent, wining and dining me. Being a gentlemen and I was planning my escape.

I couldn’t let myself forget that I was a hostage though. Under different circumstances, I might have enjoyed his company, but I was nothing more than a prisoner. He could kill me on a whim, if he was so inclined.

After the meal was finished, I decided to make my move.

“Vincent?” I began, “Is there a restroom I could use?”

He smiled, “of course, Tesoro.”

He snapped his fingers, and Luigi walked over.

“Was everything satisfactory, Signor Marchesi?” Luigi asked nervously.

Vincent smiled.

“Yes Luigi, perfect as always. Now, could you show my companion to the ladies rest room?”

Luigi nodded, “of course, this way, signorina.”

I followed Luigi, casting one last glance at Vincent. He seemed oblivious to my plan. Maybe he thought it would be crazy of me to try and escape. With no money or identity documents, it probably was, but I had to try. I had to try and make it back to America somehow. There must be an American Embassy somewhere here. Somewhere that wasn’t owned and controlled by Vincent Marchesi.

Once inside the restroom, I quickly looked around. I didn’t have much time. Probably only a few minutes before Vincent became suspicious.

I almost cheered when I saw the window. Big enough for me to climb through. It was even open slightly. For a split second I panicked. This was too easy. I brushed the paranoia away, and climbed onto the window ledge. Pushing the window open, I dropped down onto the pavement outside.

I couldn’t see Vincent’s car, so I guessed the street I was at the back of the restaurant. I quickly headed down the street. Walking fast, so I didn’t look too conspicuous. At last I was free. Now all I had to do was work out were I was, and where the nearest US embassy was.

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