His Kitten

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13. My Rosie


I sat in my office, catching up on some paperwork, or at least trying to. I was distracted. I missed my little kitten. I had intended to keep her in the cells for a few days, but the bedroom seemed empty without her. I longed to spend the whole night with her, naked beside me. Her delicate skin pressed to my own.

My thoughts were disturbed when my phone buzzed. Christian? Why was he calling me, wasn’t he already in the villa.

I accepted the call, but before I had a chance to say anything his panicked voice yelled down the phone.

“Vincent, you better get down here, something’s happened to Rosie.”

I immediately stood up.

“What Christian? What’s happened?” I growled.

Then the phone went dead.

What the hell was he playing at, then I realised. There was likely no signal in the basement where the cells were located.

I rushed out the office, and headed down to the basement, taking the stairs two at a time.

Christian was standing outside one of the cells. It was on the upper level. The cells on the lower level were...lets just say these were luxurious compared to those.

“She’s in here,” Christian began, “she’s...well you better see for yourself.”

When I walked into the cell, I saw her on the bed. She was curled up in a ball, facing the wall. I thought she was sleeping.

I touched her shoulder, and she flinched. She was trembling.

As I pulled her towards me, she rolled onto her back.

I gasped. Her face was virtually unrecognisable. It was covered in nasty purple bruises. Her eye was so swollen she could barely open it. Her nostrils were caked in dried blood and her lip had been split.

She held her hand to her chest. It was also purple and swollen.

I wanted to touch her face. Comfort her. My hand hovered over her face, unsure where to touch her. I didn’t want to hurt her anymore. I could tell she was terrified.

“P...Please d...don’t hurt me,” she begged, “I...I’m sorry.”

I gently swept some hair out of her face. I rested my hand on her head, and stroked her forehead with the pad of my thumb. It was the only place on her face that didn’t appear to be bruised or swollen.

“Sshh my Rosie, I’m not going to hurt you. No one is, not anymore,” I soothed.

I watched as tears trickled down her cheeks, and she started to sob.

All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around her. Tell her everything was going to be ok, but I didn’t want to cause her anymore pain.

I turned to Christian who stood at the bottom of the bed.

“Call Andrew. Tell him its urgent,” I snarled.

Christian nodded, “I already did, he’s on his way.”

I nodded, and turned back to Rosie.

“I’m going to take you upstairs, it might hurt a little when I lift you,” I explained.

“Is that a good idea Vincent? Maybe we should wait until Andrew gets here, you know, in case she has more serious injuries,” Christian Interrupted.

I narrowed my eyes, “more serious!” I snapped, “look at her Christian, just look at her. I want you to find who did this, and I fucking want them dead,” I snarled.

I looked back at Rosie, now in two minds whether I should wait for Andrew.

“P...Please Vincent, I...I don’t like it here,” Rosie sobbed.

I gently stroked the top of her head. Then I kissed her forehead.

“I know, tesoro,” I whispered.

My decision had been made.

I gently picked her up, but not gently enough.

She cried out. She must have had other injuries which I didn’t know about. I prayed to everything holy that I hadn’t made them worse.

“I’m sorry, tesoro,” I whispered, as I kissed the top of her head.

Then I carried her out of the cell, and headed upstairs to the bedroom.

I laid her on the bed, as gently as I could. Then I sat next to her, the back of my hand gently stroking her forehead.

“Who did this to you, Rosie?” I questioned.

She looked away.

“I...I thought you sent them,” she mumbled.

I closed my eyes, shook my head and sighed. Of course she did, how could I have been so stupid.

“No my little Rosie, I would never hurt you. Not ever,” I whispered.

She turned her head to look at me. Confusion on her face. Did she believe me?

Any further discussion was dashed as the bedroom door crashed open, and Andrew stood there. He took one look at Rosie, and his face looked like thunder.

“What the hell happened to her?” He hissed.

I rolled my eyes.

“Isn’t it obvious Andrew…Someone beat the living daylights out of her, now do what you do and fix it,” I hissed.

I stood up and moved out of the way so Andrew had better access.

“Hello Miss Ryan,” Andrew began, “remember me? I need to examine you, ok?”

Rosie nodded, she mumbled something which I didn’t quite hear, then Andrew helped her to sit.

I wasn’t very happy when he started to remove her dress.

“What are you doing, Andrew,” I snarled, moving towards him.

Andrew rolled his eyes, “I need to examine her, its not just her face that’s been beaten.”

I took a step back, and let him continue.

I clenched my jaw when her dress was removed. She had bruises on her chest, and a particularly nasty one on her lower back.

I watched as Andrew finished up, bandaging her hand, and bathing her face, getting rid of the dried blood.

He laid her back down, and covered her with the duvet. She seemed so quiet, and withdrawn.

“A word, Vincent,” Andrew urged.

We both walked away from the bed, so Rosie couldn’t hear.

“Ordinarily I would suggest a trip to the hospital, but I know I would be wasting my breath,” he sighed.

I nodded, “whatever she needs, I will arrange it here.”

Andrew shook his head, “I don’t know who did this, I don’t really want to know. She has a couple of broken ribs. Her nose is also possibly broken. Her hand is badly bruised. The swelling should go down in a couple of days. She needs to drink plenty, and eat when she’s hungry, don’t force it,” he concluded.

He handed me a bottle of liquid.

“Painkillers and an anti-inflammatory. Should help get the swelling down. I’ll look in tomorrow to see how she is.”

I took the bottle from him.

“She seems a little withdrawn, is there anything I can do?”

Andrew rolled his eyes, “you’re lucky she isn’t fucking catatonic...Just be gentle with her, she’s taken a hell of a beating. Someone really didn’t like her...” He hesitated.

“You thought I had something to do with it?” I exclaimed.

Andrew sighed, “At first, but I realise now that’s not the case...She’s not just a hostage is she?”

I smiled, and glanced over at the bed.

“No, Andrew. She’s so much more than that, she just doesn’t know it yet.”

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