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18. Change of scenary


I opened my eyes. I couldn’t even remember falling asleep. I sat up, the room I was in was strange. I’d never been in it before. I furrowed my brow, trying to remember how I got here. I remembered getting upset, Vincent holding me. Then I got dressed and we went to the terrace where we’d had breakfast a few days ago.

Someone brought us drinks, and Vincent asked them for some food. I didn’t remember anything else, and how the hell did I end up wearing...

I looked down at the clothes I was wearing, if you could call them clothes. The last thing I was wearing was a dress, and now I was in a very brief bikini.

Then realisation hit me, he’d drugged me. The drink had knocked me out.

I climbed off the bed, and pulled the blind back which covered one of the windows. I gasped. I was surrounded by ocean. An azure blue ocean, and a cloudless sky. I was on some sort of boat. I glanced back into the room. It was beautiful. An ornate walnut bed. With silk sheets.

Did Vincent have a yacht? I started to open a few doors. A walk in closet, not dissimilar to the one in his bedroom at the villa. Another door revealed an en-suite bathroom. Not as big as the one at the villa but luxurious none the less. I opened the final door, and it lead out of the bedroom. I was a little surprised to find that it wasn’t locked, but then it wasn’t like I could run anywhere. I was in the middle of the ocean.

I walked into the corridor. The area was larger than I expected, and there were stairs leading up and down. There was also a number of doors. I was a bit dubious about opening them, in case they were someone’s bedroom. Instead I just walked further along the corridor which opened up into a lounge.

I was stunned by the opulence. I just stared at the room for a few minutes. The white leather sofa’s the wooden floors, and the rugs on the floor.

I snapped my head around, when I heard someone call my name.

“Ahh Miss Rosie, you’re up. Would you like me to escort you to the others?”

The man was dressed in white trousers and a white button up shirt.

“Are you the captain?” I asked curiously.

He chuckled.

“No Miss Rosie, I’m just a steward. The others are up on the sun deck.”

I nodded. I wondered how big this boat was, as I followed the steward up some stairs.

He didn’t tell me his name, he looked about the same age as me.

“Do you work for Vincent?” I asked.

He smiled and nodded. He didn’t seem very talkative.

We walked through another lounge. At the end were what appeared to be a large window, but it wasn’t it was a sliding door. The same sort you see in a house that you slide across to get onto the patio. As we approached it slid open automatically.

I saw Vincent and the man who kidnapped me standing laughing. Vincent had his armed wrapped around another woman. Then he kissed her on the cheek.

I felt a pang of jealousy and swallowed back a lump in my throat. Why did I feel like that. After all I was just his prisoner. He drugged me...again! Then stashed me on his boat this time. I almost turned and walked back to the cabin, but I stopped myself. I could tough this out.

Andrew had been wrong. It wasn’t like I believed him anyway. I guessed he was bored of me already. He was probably going to dump me over the side and leave me for the sharks. Or maybe his was going to get his sidekick to do it.

The steward ushered me through the door.

Vincent looked up from his latest conquest.

“Ahh Gattina, you’re awake.” he smiled.

I forced a smile, and stood there feeling completely like I didn’t belong.

“How are you feeling,” the kidnapper asked.

I sneered at him, I didn’t even know his name and yet he was expecting me to be social.

“Fine,” I huffed.

I’d read somewhere a while back that if a woman answers a question with fine, it basically meant she was pissed. Right now I was pretty pissed off.

I don’t suppose I would have minded so much if I hadn’t been drugged. I shouldn’t have expected any better. I suppose I should be grateful I wasn’t just dumped to the cargo hold.

There was a somewhat awkward silence, which was broken by Vincent.

“Come here, Gattina, let me introduce you,” he enthused.

I stepped forward hesitantly.

Everyone was wearing more clothes than I was, although not by much.

Vincent and his sidekick, were wearing shorts and brightly coloured Hawaiian style button up shirts. The woman, I guessed was around the kidnappers age, late twenties probably, was wearing a bikini top, but had a sarong draped around her bottom half.

Vincent released the woman who he had wrapped his arm around, and wrapped his arm around my waist instead. I stiffened a little, as his hand rested on my thigh.

He didn’t squeeze me too tightly which I was thankful for. My ribs were still sore, as was my back.

Another reason why I wasn’t too happy to be wearing this bikini, I knew how much Vincent seemed to like my bare flesh.

“This is Rosie Ryan, Rosie this is Christian and my sister, Gianna.”

Gianna walked forward and held out her hand. I felt a little stupid, assuming this was his girlfriend.

“It’s so good to meet you Rosie. Vinnie has been telling me all about you,” she enthused.

She had a similar accent to Vincent. Perhaps a little stronger.

I felt like asking her if her brother regularly kidnapped girls, but I didn’t. The last time I really pissed him off he pointed a gun at my head.

Instead I took her hand and forced a smile.

The hint of a frown crossed her face. I wondered if she knew. Obviously she knew what her brother was, but did she know that I was his prisoner.

I was surprised when she didn’t let go. Instead she started to drag me towards the bar in the corner.

“Come on, lets get you a drink and you can tell me all about yourself,” she urged.

I looked at Vincent, who was smiling as he released me. There was no warning look in his eye, telling me not to say anything. Christian obviously knew everything. I wondered about Gianna.

I cast a scowl at Christian, before I let Gianna drag me over to a bar. There was a man standing behind the bar, dressed like the other steward who had brought me here. He was a little older.

“Nothing alcoholic, Gi Gi. We don’t want it interfering with her medication,” Vincent called over.

He made me sound like I was a crazy person, who needed to be medicated to stop me from flipping my lid. The only medication I was getting was what Vincent was giving me. I was beginning to wonder if Andrew was a proper doctor.

Gianna chuckled, and rolled her eyes.

“He’s very protective of you, he must like you a lot,” she smirked.

Then she looked at the steward, “Philippe, something non-alcoholic for my little friend here,” she chuckled.

The steward smiled, and started pouring lots of different things into a cocktail shaker.

“Do you like the bikini, I picked it out for you?” she asked.

I looked down at myself, well aware that it showed all my bruises.

“Thank you, I’m just a little self conscious right now,” I muttered.

Gianna put her arm around my shoulder.

“Don’t worry about that, we’re all friends here, besides its hardly even noticeable,” she concluded.

I looked at Philippe. His expression hadn’t changed. I wondered if they had been given orders to ignore the bruises. I wouldn’t put it past Vincent to do that.

It made me feel even more awkward.

I sighed, “I can notice it.”

Another awkward silence, broken by Philippe.

“Here we are,” he poured the contents of the cocktail shaker into a bulb shaped glass. Adorned it with an umbrella, and a straw. Then he slid it towards me.

“A virgin on the beach,” he smiled.

Gianna immediately burst out laughing.

I felt my face flush and quickly tasted it. It was really nice.

“Thank you, it’s good,” I whispered.

“Come on,” Gianna stood up and grabbed my arm, “lets join the boys, I think dinner will be served soon.”

I stood up, and allowed Gianna to drag me back to where Vincent and Christian were now sitting.

Gianna went and sat on Christian’s lap which surprised me a little.

“Finally,” Christian smirked as he wrapped his arm around her waist, kissed her.

Gianna giggled.

I stared at them both in surprise.

Then Vincent wrapped his arm around my waist, and pulled me into his lap.

I almost dropped the drink I was carrying, but he quickly retrieved it and set on a table beside him.

My face flushed. I wasn’t used to this. I know he’d kissed me, and we’d shared the same bed. This felt different.

He pulled me into his chest, and brushed his lips against mine.

“I’m still angry with you,” I whispered.

He raised his eyebrows, and chuckled.

“Are you now?” he mocked.

“You drugged me,” I hissed. My voice lowered so that hopefully Gianna wouldn’t hear.

He ran his fingers up my bare thigh, then across the bare skin on my back.

I bit my lip, stifling a moan as my back arched.

“My naughty little gattina refused to sleep, I just needed to make sure you rested before our little excursion.”

He started to kiss my neck. I felt my face flush again. I glanced over at Christian and Gianna, and was thankful they were too engaged with each other to notice what Vincent was doing to me.

Then he nipped my ear.

“And if you try and deceive me again, Gattina, I’ll spank you until the cheeks on your arse match the colour of your face,” he warned.

I gasped. He’d threatened me with that once before, the first time he brushed my hair. Afterwards I thought he was just trying to scare me. Now I was beginning to think he may have meant it.

He captured my lips with his. I probably should have pulled away, but I wasn’t sure how he would react, and I actually quite liked it. His tongue darted across my own, as he quickly dominated the kiss. As I kissed him back, he strengthen the kiss, his hand cradling the back of my head. I was beginning to realise I liked the attention. I was getting more attention now that I’d ever had before. Maybe Andrew was right. Maybe I was more than just his hostage. Maybe I should stop trying to run. Despite that I was now more confused them ever. Should I just ask him? The problem was I was a little afraid of what I might hear. The feeling that I might just be a distraction was never far away.

Vincent broke the kiss, as someone cleared their throat.

“La cena è pronta, signore. Dove vorresti che fosse servito?” Another steward asked.

[Dinner is ready, Sir. Where would you like it served.]

Christian chuckled as he looked at us.

“Facile con gli spuntini Vincenzo, non vuoi rovinare la tua cena!” [Easy on the snacking Vincenzo, you don’t want to spoil your dinner!]

Vincent looked over at Christian and smirked, then he looked over at the steward.

“Fuori, sul ponte superiore, Roberto. Grazie.” [Outside, on the upper deck, Roberto. Thank you]

Vincent gently rested the flat of his hand on my back and encouraged me to stand.

“Come, Gattina. Time for us to eat.”

I stood up and smiled at him.

“Should I put on some clothes?”

He stoodup, and wrapped his arm around my waist, his hand gently resting on my stomach.

“I dont think so, Gattina. I quite like you as you are,” he whispered, before pressing his lips to my collar bone.

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