His Kitten

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19. The head of the family


I gently guided Rosie towards the stairs that lead up to the upper deck. The stairs gently curved round, but were single file. As Rosie started to climb the stairs, my eyes zoned in on her pert little arse. The bikini didn’t cover much, and I couldn’t resist.

I cupped one of her cheeks in my hand. It felt so perfect. I would have to find some excuse to put her over my knee and turn that pale skin pink.

She suddenly stopped and turned her head, frowning at me.

I wanted to laugh at the look on her face, but I didn’t. Instead I took a step closer. My hand still firmly placed on her cheek, I gave it a harsh squeeze.

I leaned into her. Her bare back pressed against my chest. I wished now I gone shirtless.

I lowered my head, so it was close to her ear, my breath causing goosebumps to break out on her neck.

“Remember Gattina, This perfect little arse is mine, along with everything else,” I growled.

Her face flushed, and she gasped.

I kissed her bare shoulder, the gave that perfect arse a little swat.

“Hurry up now, we don’t want to keep everyone waiting,” I whispered.

I watched as she literally scampered up the stairs. I took them two at a time, so I was still very close behind her.

Her body was so perfect. I couldn’t believe that she was still so innocent, although the kisses earlier were far from that.

I quickly surveyed the dining table. Roberto as always had done his job perfectly. The table linen was pristine. The table settings were perfect.

Roberto stood there in his white uniform. Trousers perfectly creased, with military precision.

He pulled out the chair, for my Gattina. After she was seated he did the same for me, then my sister, then Christian. He had been the perfect Maitre D’ until I had snaffled him away from the high class restaurant in Rome. I’m sure my father would be impressed when he joined us.

Roberto looked at me and bowed.

“Tuo padre è arrivato, ti raggiungerà a breve.” [Your father has arrived, he will be joining you shortly.]

I nodded, “Grazie Roberto, aspetteremo.”[Thank you Roberto, we’ll wait]

We didn’t have to wait long. I handn’t seen him for a few months, but he still had the aura of a Don. Even though he had handed the reins to me several years ago. His clothing was immaculate. A crisp white linen suit, and an open necked shirt. His dark hair was now peppered with grey, as was the beard he wore. I had been lucky to be blessed with his good looks.

As soon as Gianna saw him she vigorously pushed back her chair and ran towards him. He opened his arms and crushed her in a bear hug.

“Papà è passato così tanto tempo,” she squealed.[Daddy it’s been so long]

He chuckled, a deep baritone laugh.

“Bambina, mi sei mancata anche tu,” he replied as he kissed the top of her head. [Baby girl, I missed you too]
Then his eyes move to focus on Rosie, before glancing at me. “Il tuo piccolo amico indossa sempre così pochi vestiti?” He asked, humour in his voice. [Does your little friend always wear so few clothes?]
I stood up and walked towards him. We gave each other a manly hug. “Sono contento che tu possa farcela, papà.”[I’m glad you could make it, dad]
He rolled his eyes, “Pensi che mi mancherebbe il matrimonio delle mie figlie? Ora che ne dici di presentarmi al tuo piccolo amico.” [You think I would miss my own daughters wedding? Now how about you introduce me to your little friend.]
I took a step back and held out my hand to Rosie. I gently pulled her to her feet.
“Papa, this is Rosie...Rosie Ryan. Rosie this is my father, Armando Marchesi.”
My father held out his hand. I was relieved she offered hers. If she hadn’t it would have been an insult, and no one insults my father. Even if I didn’t administer some sort of punishment for the disrespect, he still had power, and he most definitely would. Instead of shaking her hand, he brought her hand to his lips.
“A pleasure Rosie. You look just like your mother.”
“Y...You knew my mother?” she stuttered, Wh...What was she like?”
My father frowned, “You didn’t know her?” Rosie shook her head.
The expression on my fathers face softened as he looked at Rosie. “In that case, I shall tell you all about her whilst we eat dinner.”
He led Rosie back to her seat. His own seat was next to hers, whilst I sat the other side of her. I glanced at Roberto, signalling him to serve dinner. In hindsight I perhaps should of told my father everything. He had no idea about Rosie’s mother, nor the fact that her father was in prison awaiting trial for murder. I didn’t even dare mention Daniel in front of him. I just hoped Rosie didn’t. He hated Daniel more than I did, if that was at all possible. He had no idea he was a sexual predator, who preyed on young girls. He just hated him for being disloyal. He also had no idea how I had come to have Rosie with me. He’d always had a soft spot for Amelia though. Likely he wouldn’t approve of what I had done to get Rosie here, but he would approve of my saving her from my snake of a brother. There would be plenty of time. It would take at least a week for us to cruise to the Caribbean. Then there was Gianna’s wedding. Plenty of time to get him onside. He had a silver tongue, it wouldn’t take him long to persuade Rosie that I was the good guy. Failing that I always had the legal document that she knew nothing of, to fall back on.

As Roberto served dinner, I watched my father in action.
“So little Rosie,” he began, his Italian accent strong, “tell me how it is you didn’t know your mother?”
Rosie bit her bottom lip, it made her look so innocent.
“She died...when I was born...I’ve never even seen a picture,” Rosie explained, a slight crack in her voice.
My father nodded in understanding. “Your mother was...bellissima,” my father enthused. Rosie tilted her head on one side, “I’m sorry sir...I don’t speak Italian.”
My father chuckled. “You must call me Armando, piccolina. I will endeavour to teach you on our little trip. Bellisima is beautiful. Your mother was a rare treasure.” He gently stroked Rosie’s face, “just like you, piccolina.”
She blushed heavily. He always did have a way with the ladies, even Amelia. I often wondered if he had explained about the family before Daniel did, perhaps she would have stayed.
“H...How did you know her,” Rosie stuttered, as she quickly glanced over her shoulder at me.
I could see what was going through her mind. If my father knew her mother, then likely so did I. Should I tell her, that I had dated her mother. Things were complicated enough already.
“Your mother was a very talented musician. She was struggling to pay her school fees, so I helped her. A talent like that needed to be nurtured,” My father explained.
Rosie frowned, “what did she have to do for you? I mean in return?”
My father smiled, “Nothing, piccolina. It was enough to have the honour to hear her play for me once in a while.”
My father hesitated, his brows furrowed. “But tell me piccolina, how is it you have been hurt?” He asked, concern on his face.
“I...” she began.
“One of our enemies...but he is no longer a risk,” I quickly interrupted.
My father nodded knowingly, before looking at me. Devi assicurarti che questo piccolo sia al sicuro. Dovremmo parlare più tardi.” [You need to ensure this little one is safe. We should talk later]
I nodded. He was right of course. It was the Marchesi way that we always looked after our women. Made sure they were protected and safe. I had failed in that respect, I wouldn’t do that again.

I hardly got a look in as far as Rosie was concerned. My father was quite happy telling her everything she wanted to know about her mother. I wasnt surprised. My father loved Amelia, and treated her like a daughter. I wasnt quite sure what happened to her own parents. She never spoke of them, and I didnt press her for information. Perhaps my father had, or had used his resources at the time to find out. Regardless he took it upon himself to pay for her tuition and her accommodation while she studied. He was more than disappointed when she broke it off with me. After Daniel left, he never spoke of her again. I dont think he was aware of her death until today, or if he was, he didnt mention it.
As Roberto served dessert, their conversation turned to Rosie.
“So piccolina, what are you planning to do with your life? Go to College, travel the world?” My father asked.
I hadnt had a chance to discuss with him how my little kitten came to be here. I didnt really want to blurt out that we had grabbed her against her will. My father was old fashioned in that respect. He couldn’t care less what you did to boys and men, but the fairer sex were off limits. But times had changed. He needed to realise that, or I had to try and explain it to him.
“She...” I began, but he held his hand up, silencing me.
“Sono sicuro che la piccola Rosie può parlare da sola, Vincenzo,” he chided, frowning at me. [I’m sure that little Rosie can speak for herself, Vincenzo]
He looked at Rosie and smiled, “Go on piccolina, what are your plans?” Rosie turned her head to look at me, but he gently took her chin in his hand and turned he face so that she was looking at him.
“Rosie. Look at me,” he chided softly.
She hesitated. “I...I haven’t finished school yet,” she stuttered.
My father let go of her chin, and glared at me.
“Vincenzo?” he growled, “Dobbiamo parlare, adesso!” [We need to talk, now!]
He glanced across the table at Gianna and Christian.
“Gianna, trova a questo bambino dei vestiti appropriati. Christian, puoi venire con Vincenzo ed io.” [Find this child some appropriate clothes. Christian, you can come with Vincenzo and I]
Gianna stood up, and held out her hand to Rosie.
“Come with me Rosie, its too cold for you to be wearing just a bikini,” she stated.
Rosie frowned, and looked at her desert. “But I haven’t finished eating.”
Gianna paled. Then my father clicked his fingers. The waiters began clearing the table, removing my kittens unfinished desert. “You have now,” he growled.
Rosie scuttled away from the table. A look of panic on her face.
My father didnt even need to raise his voice. My sister knew better that to disagree with him, as did the rest of the Marchesi children. It didnt matter that I was the current Don, my father was still head of the family.
I stood up.
“Lets go to my office, its this way.” My father grunted an acknowledgement, and followed me. I had a horrible feeling my plans for my little kitten were about to be scuppered.
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